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Kenneth Tellis
Changing things for the better
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Sep 6, 2015 - 4:40:36 AM

Progress means going forward and using our intelligence we can change things for the better

A recent program by Professor Hans Rosling of Sweden on the happenings in the third-world countries around our universe, got me thinking about how individuals can all help change the situation for the better.

Professor Rosling spoke about the fact that many in Africa are still dealing with issues that are a hold-over from the past, and have no real hope without our input.

For instance why are we not enhancing ways in which we can change the face of countries in Africa? We use Solar Power for all sorts of things including those night-lights on our homes so as to not cause anyone to have an accident.

The Solar panels put on rooves can be a blessing in third world countries where people have to walk many miles to get some water for their homes. Why can't we use Solar Panels to run pumps and also charge batteries? Thus a family in Mozambique, Africa would bore a hole on their land and use a solar powered water pump to irrigate their farms, which would be a boon to their society and a means to make it a profitable enterprise. This way, they will not have to waste their time walking for miles just to get a little water for their daily living and farming.

For a start the United Nations could use its powers to get countries to develop a program whereby Solar Energy could be enhanced to make life easier for those living in third world countries.

Surely there are people who can come up with the idea of using pumps to extract much needed water to irrigate areas in countries of the third world where food is not so plentiful or available. I hope that I am not talking to people who are deaf, but people who can make a difference to the lives of millions in the third world, where starvation is a fact of life for men. So let us cut to the chase and give this idea a shot. By doing this we can make people in the third world self-reliant and not dependant on outside aid.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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