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Kenneth Tellis
Canadian Army and Department Defence swept the facts under the rug
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Sep 13, 2015 - 9:30:29 AM

My son Louis-Joseph Tellis, left Pierrefonds Kebek for Oromocto, New Brunswick on February 24, 1990, via Dorval Airport.

He received some training at Gagetown and was then sent to Muensingen, Germany. Louis was then billeted with other Canadian soldiers. One day in 1991, five of those soldiers overpowered Louis and Sodomized (raped) him. He naturally went and reported it to the officer in charge who treated it as a joke, because he knew the men who had committed the offence. But it did not stop there as they Sodomized him again, and again the officer in charge treated it as a joke and swept it under the rug. Louis was very troubled by these happenings, but was then sent to Bosnia and Kosovo. On returning to Canada, he went to report what had happened to him in Muensingen, Germany at the Department of National Defence, but they too paid no attention to his cry for help, treating it as hazing, rather than a crime which it was.

Louis resigned and joined the Toronto Police Service as a constable, a job that he loved very much, and was proud to serve in. Louis, was always troubled by being the Sodomized by those fellow soldiers and felt very bad about what had happened. He had go to see a police psychologist and a Psychiatrist for help.

Every time I met with my son Louis, he looked very troubled and even his girlfriend told me about it. In all I met Louis about three times after he returned from the Balkans. One day we went to Financial Drive in Mississauga. Louis had a beer and I had a cup of tea. He told me in detail about how he was sodomized by those five soldiers and how the officer in charge treated the whole thing as a joke.

When I got the call that Louis was found dead in a car in Barrie, Ontario, I was shaken. So the very next morning I phoned around to find out what I could do. I made a call to Judi McCloud, Editor of the Canada Free press. She told me that she would ask around how to handle the situation. The next thing that happened was she told me she had been told not to have any contact with me by higher sources, because she would lose her job and her status as an honorary policewomen. That ended our friendship. But a lawyer from Washington, DC, told me that the situation was dangerous as people in high places would not like the story to get out, lest it have an effect on their careers.

On January 26, Louis was given great respect by the Toronto Police Serve and after that he was cremated and that brought an end to the life of my beloved son Louis-Joseph Tellis

On February 25, I went as usual for my morning breakfast, and after eating breakfast was totally paralyzed, as if I had been poisoned. So I knew there were people who wanted me out of the way because I was investigating my son Louis’ death.

I feel that under the circumstances an investigation is in order and that all those who were responsible for my son Louis committing suicide should be brought to justice and pay the full price for their criminal actions.

Kenneth T. Tellis

PS. This story on LOUIS-JOSEPH TELLIS has already been published on CBC/ Radio-Canada.

PPS. I saw pictures of my ex-wife Catherine Jacques and my daughter Sophie-Anne Tellis giving an interview to the CBC on the death of my son Louis-Joseph Tellis on January 21, 2008 at Barrie, Ontario. Louis-Joseph Tellis did not commit suicide - he was assassinated. It was a military style operation. Cathou Jacques insulted the memory of my beloved son Louis. Although her behavior hardly surprises me I was sorry to see my daughter Sophie-Anne join her in these fallacious statements. They bear no resemblance to the facts of the matter.

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