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Kenneth Tellis
Canada's Pseudo Bilingualism
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Aug 2, 2015 - 7:15:14 AM

Bilingualism only applies to the English-speaking applicants and not Franco-Amerindians/ Kebekois.

If Rockland, Ontario, born unilingual Joual-speaking (French patois) bigot Dyane Adam was permitted to become Official Languages Commissioner, by a Canadian Prime Minister from Maurice, then why do these Kebekois bigots demand that all English-Speaking applicants for jobs in the federal government of Canada be bilingual? The worst part was the excuse he made to cover Dyane Adam, saying as long as she speaks JOUAL (French patois), she is qualified for the job. In other words that bilingualism only applied to non-Joualophones when it comes to federal government jobs.

But, the present leader of the Liberal Party of Canada opined that he believed in a Canada where the province of Kebek was UNILINGUAL Joual (French patois, while the rest of CANADA was BILINGUAL. Thus, it is quite obvious that Justin Trudeau, while pretending to be open-minded is a RACIST at Heart who believes that his hybrid race of Kebekois are superior to all other Canadians. Justin's theory in effect is racial superiority akin to that promoted by certain Nationalist groups in Europe before World War II. So, like or not Justin Trudeau is an unabashed RACIST, pretending to be the savIour of Canada and UNITY, neither of which he really believes in, or really promotes. If anything can be said about Justin, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing or a separatist pretending to be a Canadian patriot.

All Justin's arguments are facetious to the point, that he would send someone who was English-speaking to a doctor, who was not conversant in English, rather than seek out a doctor that was experienced, and therein lies his hidden bigotry.

All federal government jobs should be open to experienced persons, rather than persons who was BILINGUAL, lacked experience and unable to be on any use at all. So, it is now time to phase out the Bilingual requirement for jobs in the federal government of Canada with immediate effect.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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