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Kenneth Tellis
Atikamekw First Nation declares its sovereignty over its territory
By Kenneth T. Tellis
May 26, 2015 - 5:59:25 AM

Since the Atikamekw First Nation has declared sovereignty over its territory, Kebek now has no jurisdiction over it, because it is a recognized Nation by the Canadian Constitution. Above all now Kebek's language laws will no longer have any validity in their territory.

Now, if only all the other First Nations follow the example of the Atikamekw First Nation, their Kebek will lose a lot of its illegal power that it had assumed after the Trudeau regime came to power in 1968.

But, there should be a follow-up by the Atikamekw First Nation, by the issuance of its own PASSPORTS Driving Licenses and other Official Documents, and especially if they use only ENGLISH and Cree or the Mohawk language on them, because they do not have to use Joual (French patois) on them.

Now, that the Native American Nations of North America have their own governments and laws, Kebek's power will be curtailed to the point that it is no longer a province like the other Canadian provinces but a NATION, as recognized by the Harper Conservative Government in its declaration that the people of Kebek constitute a Nation. Now, is when the fats in the fire, as Kebek will now be another NATION just like those of the Native American Nations. Which means that Pierre Karl Pile'O"dough may get his wish for a SOVEREIGN Kebek Nation, but only when speaking TRIBALLY, and naught else, beside this the Native Americans have acquired certain inalienable rights from the Jay Treaty that was signed by great Britain and the United States of America in 1794, which precedes the Canadian Constitution, and is still a valid document in law.

It can now be said that Pierre Karl Pile''O"dough was the founder of THE First Metis Nation in North America. Its main exports will be Tomahawks, Bow and Arrows, Feathered Headdresses, Buckskins, Cigarettes, Fire-Water and a few souvenirs, and a few other items. The New money used in the Kebek Nation will be Piastres, not American or Canadian Dollars.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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