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Kenneth Tellis

Americans need to look at the chaotic state of Canada before it's too late
By Kenneth T. Tellis
May 14, 2012 - 5:45:45 AM

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Canada is a typical example to the American people of how a powerful minority might seize power through guile, bribery and bribery.

Being Painesian in thought, character, and belief, I have dared to sound the 'Clarion Call' to the American People just as Thomas Paine did in his time, so that Americans would be ready for whatever could well take place in their COUNTRY in the very near future.

In New Brunswick there exists a Joual-speaking (French patois) minority of 25% who want their language to be given pride of first place in the province, when there already are an English-speaking majority of close to 70%. Of course to push this false claim these people who are really Metis call still themselves Acadiens, which is a total fabrication, since the king of France ceded the territories of Hudson Bay, Newfoundland and Acadia to Great Britain under the Treaty of UTRECHT in 1713. But since they no longer had any connections with France and with no new immigrants from France, they were left with no choice but to marry native women of INDIGINOUS tribes in the area, Thus they were no longer French by custom or heritage, but in fact are now a Metis people.

But keep in mind that these pseudo Acadians in New Brunswick have long term plans and are pushing their "righteous indignation" banner of equality by using their specious arguments to make the Joualization (Patoisization) of New Brunswick seem like BILINGUALISM which it certainly is not. It would therefore seem that Canada's Official Languages Commissioner is in cahoots with the Societe Acadien des Nouveau-Brunswick, in pushing the Joualization of the province, by their contribution of millions of dollars to the above Metis group (SANB), while no such contributions are forthcoming for the English-speaking majority who belong to the ASNB (Anglo Society of New Brunswick).

So it would be in the interests of the American people to make English the OFFICIAL Language and end such a language debacle as now exists in Canada and it's provinces for the last 40 odd years.

So the American people can learn a lot from Canada's glaring errors in judgment on language policies. Now that you know there is but one route to take and that is to make ENGLISH the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE as early as possible and avoid the regrets for not having done so.

I have given you the American people the benefit of my 40 odd years of experience in the language struggle IN CANADA, during which time I had to make the ultimate sacrifice of family, home and hearth and employment and move to another province hundreds of miles away. It is this sacrifice that I chose rather than cave in to the wishes of those sell-outs of my God-given Rights the Canadian political elites that willingly sold my freedoms and rights of culture and language for a mess of potage (bribery and corruption to the nth degree). You the American people will have learned much from my experience, that I now pass it on to you my kindred folk. I have in a sense verily taken the very same journey as Thomas Paine did in his time, and like him I have no regrets. As "Telling the truth is a truly revolutionary act!"

Kenneth T. Tellis

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Kenneth Tellis
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