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Kenneth Tellis
Alonie the Lestres the alter ego of Joseph Goebbels
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Apr 26, 2015 - 7:07:54 AM

Many people may not be quite aware who Alonie de Lestres was, but that was the pseudonym taken by Abbe Joseph Adolphe Groulx Lyonel of Vaudreuil, Kebek, when he wrote his vitriolic diatribes against English-speaking people in Canada, even Roman Catholics, and anyone who was not Franco-Amerindian, or as he called himself, French, which was a fairy tale, since he was really a Metis like the rest of the Kebekois or Canadien. His theory on race was not just only a par with Paul Joseph Goebbels the Nazi German Propaganda Minister, but far worse than him. Because while he pretended that it was the English-speaking people in Canada that was denying the Franco-Amerindians their rights to language and culture, it was really the Franco-Amerindian that were denying these very rights to all non-Franco-Amerindians within areas that they controlled.

To cite a case in question, the children of Irish immigrants, whose parents had journeyed by sea to Canada, and had died after arriving at the Gros Ile Quarantine Station, suffering from Typhus, Cholera and other deadly diseases and were interred in the in Gros Ile cemetery. The children of these Irish immigrants were given to Catholic Franco-Amerindian families to adopt, and the first thing that they did was immediately force name changes, to French sounding names, followed by forcing them to learn Joual (French patois).

I remember seeing an ad on TV, which showed a Catholic Priest telling the lie that these Irish orphaned children were allowed to keep their Irish names, which was a blatant lie. Groulx never bothered to tell the truth about these Irish children at any time, and the Bishop of Rome never criticized this un-Christian attitude of the clergy and the Franco-Amerindian people towards these orphaned Irish children.

But, Groulx went on to write stories about what he called mixed marriages between English-speaking and Joual-speaking people who were both Roman Catholics, which he frowned upon and despised, because he believed in RACIAL SEGREGATION, just as what took place in the united States. So, in reality, Groulx was a closet RACIST who was pretending to be a nationalist and a rabid ethno-centrist to boot.

But, one has only to see the propaganda work of Joseph Goebbels, to understand the mindset of Groulx, the mad priest from Kebek, a monomaniac, who was consumed by hatred towards people of other ethnic origins. Yet he became the symbol of racial the prejudice that permeates Kebek, even today, and went on to become an icon of all that evil in Kebekois society today. To gut Kebekois society from Groulx's poisoning will take a long time, maybe in two or three hundred years it might be cleared up. But, the damage that it has caused, is no less than that of what Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels did to the German nation.

"Je me souviens!"

Kenneth T. Tellis

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