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Kenneth Tellis

A letter from the heart to our neighbours, friends and brethren in Western Canada
By Kenneth T, Tellis
Feb 20, 2013 - 12:24:44 AM

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While having a conversation with a friend on the phone this morning, I told him that I was going to write a letter to you in Western Canada, and so here I am in the process of doing so.

Now what brought this on? Why, it was a statement by Justin Trudeau a contender for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, who seeks to one day become Prime Minister of Canada like his infamous father one Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, who came up with the idea of the National Energy Programme to rip off Western Canada's OIL wealth money and give it to his cronies in Kebec. But what Justin Trudeau said roughly two months ago was what annoyed me the most. Justin Trudeau at that time stated that Canada belonged to Kebec. But what he was insinuating was that all Canada's wealth belonged to Kebec, which is simply not true in any way or form. After that Justin Trudeau made another statement that he wanted a UNITED Canada, where Kebec was a UNILINUAL Joual-speaking province (French patois) and the rest of Canada would be BILINGUAL (English-speaking and JOUAL-speaking). Now his reasons for that statement was his snidely way of pushing Kebec as being RACIALLY superior to English-speaking Canada by using a detour when expressing his hidden feelings, so as not to be found out.

But I would like to remind you in the West of a statement that you made a decade ago and which was very hateful towards Ontarians and Maritimers, and that statement was: "Let those eastern bastards freeze!" You had wrongly assumed that we in Ontario and the Maritimes had been exploiting Westerners, when nothing could have been further from the truth than that.

Yes! You Westerners were being exploited by both the Conservative and the Liberal elites in Ontario and Kebec which were running CANADA, so that they could garner more votes in Kebec and form the government in Ottawa. But keep in mind that the above two parties were also in the business of exploiting Ontario as well. And Ontario went from a HAVE province to a HAVE NOT province, because its wealth was being robbed by successive federal governments from both the Conservative and Liberal parties.

Thus whether you come from the West or Ontario makes no difference to the political elites from either party, because they both in the business of exploiting us and handing over our hard earned money to Kebec. That is why they Kebecois live the life of Riley, and their GARDERIES (Baby-Sitting Services) are at a premium and cost them only seven dollars a day per child, while it costs us a pretty penny for those same services, and where educational services, like College and University fees are so low, that it is a joke. Because all our hard earned money is paying for it. Yet! We in Western Canada and Ontario have a tough time making both ends meet. Just consider an important fact, that it was the Ontario seats that helped the Harper conservatives win the last federal election, and form the government, yet we have not been treated any better by the Harper Conservatives than we were by the Liberals before them. So, neither of these political parties has made any change in their manner of governance, but continue to shovel our TAX money into Kebec's coffers. Is it any wonder then the reason why Kebec has not separated from Canada yet? Because the benefits that they receive from Canada far out weigh the disadvantages they would have in separating. So we in the West and Ontario must work together to find a way to cut off the billions of dollars that Kebec gets from equalization and transfer payments each year.

Now let's proceed further into what is happening in Ontario. Under the McGuinty Liberals Kebec was free rein Ontario, because of McGuinty's personal links to Kebec. He has permitted Kebecois Tradesmen and Truck Drivers to operate freely in Ontario, whilst Ontario Tradesmen and Truck Drivers are not permitted to work or operate in Kebec. Even when a Kebecois patient enters a hospital in Ontario, their government only pays half the cost of the Ontario patient. So, again it is Ontario that is the loser.

Now consider that Ontario with a 4.3 % Joualophone Metis (Canadien) population has a language minister, yet Kebec with 15% English-speaking Population has none. Even the Ontario's Language Minister is a Metisse from Montreal, Kebec. She was in the business of having the English-language removed in her home province of Kebec. Yet she even has the audacity of promoting Joual (French patois) in Ontario and trying to make Ontario a BILINGUAL province, when she herself did not want BILINGUALISM in Kebec. She should therefore be sent packing back to Kebec where she rightly belongs.

Je me souviens!

Kenneth T, Tellis

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Kenneth Tellis
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