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Julie Smithson
Where does my food originate?
By Julie Kay Smithson
Aug 19, 2011 - 12:10:06 AM

Where does my food originate?
Amish/Mennonite farm country, Ohio - I buy as little as possible in the way of food from "big box" "grocery stores."

Where does my honey come from? Right down the road.

Where do my tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, and other fruits and vegetables come from? Right down the road.

If it's a fruit or vegetable that's "out of season," I buy it from a United States producer -- Florida, Texas, California, Washington State, Indiana -- but NEVER from Mexico or Canada or elsewhere. I can do without until whatever it is, comes back in season in my own country!

I will not assist investors in China, etc., pad their profits by making me think it's a good deal, buying food from the other side of the world. I do not like the taste of melamine, lead, etc.! That's the truth, and I'm NOT going to help Nancy Pelosi's husband's Del Monte Mexican growing operations!

Julie Kay Smithson

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