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Julie Smithson
When the Mouse Freezes
By Julie Kay Smithson
Feb 24, 2012 - 6:13:12 AM

When the Mouse Freezes, appended (this applies to those with Personal Computers, who are so impersonal when it comes to going on the fritz)

By Julie Kay Smithson who has never claimed to be computer savvy, but has somehow survived fourteen years as the owner of four personal computers, the first of which was a gift, was several years old, and had a blazing 8 MGs of RAM (Random Access Memory). The second had 64 MGs of RAM. The third and current: not sure, but NFE seems to dog the steps of all computers (Never Fast Enough). Will this be the year for another computer?

Step One. Go to the Back. At the back of the Tower, check to make sure everything is properly plugged in. This often solves the issue before it gets more complicated (read: expensive).

If that doesn't work, try Step Two: Shut off the computer and restart. Sometimes Frick and Frack get discombobulated and must have a "time out."

If that doesn't work, go to Step Three: Try another Mouse. It is entirely possible that the Mouse has simply keeled over from age/use.

If that doesn't work, call your friendly tech support person. Of course, Murphy's Law being what it is, these things often seem to happen just after the close of business on Friday, leaving you with little recourse until the following Monday (or Tuesday, if it's one of those no-mail Monday holidays). Thank God for Dave and Dan, two of the most patient, kind tech support guys the world has ever known!

My wonderful tech support guy said the only thing he'd add to my essay is this: '"Press the "Caps Lock" or "Num Lock" on the keyboard. If they don't respond (i.e., if they don't turn on a light on the keyboard) then the Computer itself is locked up and a restart is required. You may have to hold the power button for 5 seconds to shut it off."'

Julie Kay Smithson

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