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Julie Smithson
Water fouled by cattle grazing, in particular?
By Julie Kay Smithson
Sep 28, 2011 - 8:30:30 AM

To the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) in response to "Public health fears rise as cows lay waste to rivers" September 25, 2011,  by Farrah Tomazin

Your readers deserve to know that it is not only cattle, but also any animal which may foul water supplies. Any animal can -- and does -- "feel the urge" to urinate or defecate when crossing a stream or standing on its banks. It is "shuttered vision" to publicize only livestock. All animals urinate and defecate. Why pick on cattle alone? Do kangaroos, dingoes, etc., "do" things differently?

Here in America, there's an "environmental" organization whose founder constantly raves on this topic. His credibility is non-existent, save for his members/followers.

Your readers deserve to read the truth -- especially whilst partaking of great beefsteak!

Julie Kay Smithson

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