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Julie Smithson
The 4th of July
By Julie Kay Smithson
Jul 6, 2011 - 3:33:42 PM

Wiggles Blue Heeler, eternal patriot, keeping the home fires burning!
July 4th was America's Independence Day. Let us keep in mind that we are a Christian-based nation of people who were willing to leave family, friends & country of birth behind (usually never to be seen again) to come here and forge a new nation from the dough of prayer mixed carefully with blood, sweat & tears equity and formed into loaves of nourishing bread, to be savored & shared & NEVER, EVER taken for granted.

For those who fought for it, Freedom has a Flavor that the protected can never know.

God bless our warriors, from those who sailed here on a wing & a prayer, to those that planted seed & cared for livestock in order to feed our fledgling Americans; to those that cared for the husbands and sons who ventured far afield in search of a place to claim and call home, those who kept the home fires burning and never gave up on hope, sending "knee-mail" long before it was thusly described. 
Julie Kay Smithson, property rights / natural resources researcher since 1999.



Editorial Comment: This article was originally titled: 'Today', and was intended for July 4th Publication. As there was no July 4th publication, and as my physical location is 12 hours ahead of the USA, the article was received too late for July 4th. R.P. Bendedek Email:

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