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Julie Smithson
Signing off 2008; Welcoming 2009
By Julie Kay Smithson
Jan 1, 2009 - 9:42:22 AM

It's time to put it to bed, lay it to rest.
Another year we have spent doing our best.
Countless hours we have logged, far from the woods,
That foresters might better harvest the goods.
Seeds we have planted, so knowledge might sprout,
With no farm ground or livestock or tractors about.

Let's put 2008 to bed and lay it to rest
We've a new year in which to give our best!
2009 dawns; we stand at the ready,
Still on a course that's sure and steady.
History won't likely record our names
But it's never been about glory or fame.

Our mark will be left on the trail of time
Etched like a beacon: Clear, sharp and fine,
Like the founding fathers, viewed only from ahead
Others will step up one day to stand in our stead
So, let's put 2008 to bed; let's lay it to rest
We've a whole new year -- Let's give it our best!

Property rights researcher Julie Kay Smithson hopes that each of you will accord 2008 the memories earned and lessons learned, but focus now on what lies ahead and continuing to learn how to protect, defend and enhance your property rights!

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