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Julie Smithson
New U.S. Department of Interior Logo
By Julie Kay Smithson
Jun 10, 2011 - 12:23:20 AM

The U.S. Department of Interior is having a 'contest' to design a logo. One would think that there would be a press release at for this contest -- but there isn't. Rather, the DOI has hired "crowdSPRING" and that is where you'll find more about this contest.

I think the new DOI logo should better reflect the "public-private partnerships" that have shored up -- or knocked flat -- its image over the past two or more decades.

My five suggestions -- one for each cent that a nickel is worth:

1. Be politically correct and call the critter a bison -- not a 'buffalo' -- which leads in a direct line to coin collectors, who will now be collecting "bison nickels."

2. Turn the bison to face the south -- and be sure to open America's southern border to Mexican-raised bison.

3. Make sure the chosen artwork depicts the north end of a southbound bison, to remind American taxpayers of their "investment" in this federal agency and resultant "rewards." This will also provide an "interesting" view of the bison.

4. Add a frying pan or grill, since "Ted's Montana Grill" restaurants need to be recognized for all their help in bringing bison from the electrically-fenced range to upper-crust restaurant patrons. Remember, the "bison" was once on the verge of extinction, and such entrepreneurs as Robert Edward Turner should be thanked by America's patronage at his various restaurant chain venues: 46 locations in 16 states -- for bringing this herbivore from the brink of extinction to pricey dinner plates!

5. Finally, be sure to reserve a place in the logo for a bison with two heads, to illustrate the two-faced way in which certain federal policies and policymakers have existed via the "enforcement" and "interpretation" of such "laws" as the "Endangered Species Act."

As for the simplified colors for said logo, DOI can just use shades of red -- red for fires, red to warn of deception, and red for the red ink in which the DOI is drowning, all the while churning out such harebrained ideas.

Details at Crowdspring

Contest ends June 15, 2011, at 5:25 PM GMT

Award: $1,000 (plus two other awards, each for $250)

Julie Kay Smithson

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