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Julie Smithson
My most inspiring teacher
By Julie Kay Smithson
Mar 13, 2011 - 12:05:30 AM

Julie Smithson 1959 - 2nd Grade
While I was blessed to have many fine teachers, Mrs. Dora Hobbs and Mrs. Orpha Strong stand out. Mr. Wilkie, Mr. Ron Houser and Mr. Campbell are also remembered in warm memories. Mrs. Strong's quiet, grandmotherlylike demeanor, while still being a fine teacher, are a fond memory, but it is Mrs. Hobbs who remains the cornerstone of my twelve years of structured, official schooling.

My first two years of school were in houses, because the housing subdivision north of Dayton, called Huber Heights, outpaced Wayne Township's school capacity. In second grade, our teacher became ill and was replaced by Mrs. Dora Hobbs. As little kids, we only knew that our teacher was sick, and Mrs. Hobbs helped us in many ways that she may never have known.

I brought home glowing reports to my parents about how beautiful Mrs. Hobbs was & how kind she was to all of us. Then Mom attended a PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) meeting and returned home in tears. She told my dad, "Honey, Mrs. Hobbs is a physical wreck! She is crippled from polio, wears very thick glasses & barely gets around."

All I knew was that Mrs. Hobbs cared, she loved us -- and that memory remains strong as ever, 51 years later. It is my hope that this dear woman -- who worked full time teaching youngsters at a time in her life when her health might well have kept most people home -- would be proud of the curly-haired, blue-eyed student that told her parents about the beautiful Mrs. Hobbs.

Each of us has a precious memory of one teacher that stays strong throughout our lives. What's yours?

Julie Kay Smithson,

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