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Julie Smithson
Jobs, Votes and Economic Climate Change
By Julie Kay Smithson
Mar 6, 2012 - 5:37:01 AM

Oil sands and hydraulic fracturing (aka "fracking") corporations may offer employment, but at what cost? The pros and cons of such work/jobs as those being dangled like carrots in front of people -- whose former good jobs were outsourced to the other side of the world -- should be carefully screened to discern if your potential employer is offering you FCH (future compromised health).

If more people had known that coal mining result in black lung, would they have been so eager to let the wealthy mine owners get rich off the forsaking of others' health? Who are those "future generations" to which career politicians so glibly refer? It seems that it is during desperate economic times (engineered by the most vulgar greed at the 'highest' earthly levels of human power such as Rupert Murdoch and others of his ilk. Your life (health) is your ultimate property right!

Desperate people will take jobs out of desperation, jobs they would never consider, were America's economic times better.

I note, on Election Day Eve, that career politicians whose nests in Washington, D.C., are deeply feathered from the plucking of many good, honest, hardworking folks in their constituencies -- that they continue to parrot the same old political placating phrases "I'm going to 'change' Washington" is but one.

No one currently running for office as a state or Washington, D.C. encumbent -- and by so doing is absent with pay from the very job he/she promised voters to do well -- should receive a single vote.

Political contributions to such career politicians, from those offering such jobs, should be a major consideration before casting one's vote.

Julie Kay Smithson

Julie Kay Smithson, property rights / natural resources researcher since 1999. Subscribe to my efforts today & learn how to protect your property rights!


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