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Julie Smithson
Innocence: dust it off (it's still there!)
By Julie Kay Smithson
Feb 21, 2012 - 6:03:43 AM

Innocence cannot be lost (only misplaced or temporarily covered by "life"): Innocence lost is an illusion, a mirage that makes many folks regret something (singular or plural) in their past.

Innocence is always ours, always that spark of hope that lives in our hearts & beats in rhythm with our souls. Here's a way to prove to you that your innocence is alive, intact & safe:

Lie down flat on your back, sans your shoes, socks or other fetters (watch, other jewelry, a tucked-in shirt, etc.), in a comfortable place (your bed, the couch, even the floor, if you can be comfortable lying there for a little while). The room need not be dark, but try to keep the light soft & indirect. Stretch your arms out beyond your head, knit your fingers together, palms up, strrrreeeeetchhh slowly as far as you can stretch comfortably, & cradle the back of your head in your hands.

From this vantage point, with your eyes closed, breath as slowly & deeply as you can, letting as much air out of your lungs on the exhale as possible, then drawing in as much air as possible on the inhale. I've gotten to the point of being able to take just 4 complete breaths per minute, but 5 or 6 is great, too. No need to time yourself. The goal is to do this as slowly and quietly as possible, with no distractions.

When you've done 2 or 3 minutes like this, let your mind think about things that have truly made you happy to your core, things like pushing a shopping cart back to the cart corral and adding another one on the way; looking up at a star-studded sky and feeling the quiet grace Above, knowing that you are part of His infinite Love; taking a few moments, once in a while, to just feel the calm that seeks to wash away the stress, and letting it do so; thinking about a moment in your life when you looked full into the face of love (sweetheart, parent, child, friend, pet) & felt total peace and serenity ...

Whether you are still awake at this point is not important. What is important is that you give yourself that time to know that you have innocence. It is still there. It awaits your visits, hoping you'll tarry. It never leaves you. It's there between every rushed & stressful moment of your life, like the Vietnam Veterans' Wall, quiet & calm & abiding.

Julie Kay Smithson

Julie Kay Smithson, property rights / natural resources researcher since 1999. Subscribe to my efforts today & learn how to protect your property rights!


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