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Julie Smithson
God made our lives to be a roller-coaster
By Julie Kay Smithson
Jul 31, 2011 - 12:10:09 AM

God made our lives to be a roller-coaster, so we creep up toward the highs, viewing them from afar at first, then seeing them become better defined as we near our goals -- then, when a victory happens, SWOOSH! Downhill racer ... so we'll have the momentum built up to traverse the lows & be able to start climbing back up toward another high point!

When we are free-falling, from the peak to the valley, we reach out to grab the branches & outcroppings, seeking to break our fall, & along the way learn so much of wonderful value: the sound of a friend's silence when we need to talk/'vent;' the eyes of a precious dog or cat soul, commiserating with us & seeking to help; the words in a card or letter or on a phone answering machine/voice message; the wonderfulness of photos, which hone our memories by helping us relive pages/chapters in our lives; the fierce, protective gentleness with which God carries us, when we see only one set of footprints & think we are alone; the welcome rush of air preceding a summer storm; the hush of winter air before we are enveloped in snow falling like torn tissue paper; the kind hand holding a door open for us when we're tired & running errands, wondering if we'll have the strength to open that last door; the feeling beyond words of returning to the home of your heart, wherever that may be.

Life's about so much more than reaching the pinnacle. It's about coming to be comfortable with oneself & learning that there doesn't have to be 'something in it for me.'

Julie Kay Smithson
Property rights / natural resources researcher since 1999.



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