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Julie Smithson
A Rollercoaster of a Month is March!
By Julie Kay Smithson
Mar 15, 2011 - 12:05:03 AM

My familiarity with March weather is from the perspective of a Buckeye, an Ohioan in the United States of America. In this part of the world, March is a tempestuous siren, a flirt bringing balmy weather one day and a slap-in-the-face with snow and ice the next. Wind can be a beast that seeks to peel one's warmth away with its bonechilling fingers.

Days lengthen, nights grow more brief, and the powers that be tell us we are "saving" daylight when we have a 23-hour-long Sunday.

Birds arrive from sunnier climes and set up housekeeping, always on the alert for "cheep wrent."

At this point in time, winter brooks no interference from spring, though the snows don't last like they did just one short month ago. Icicles and snowmen vanish, to be replaced by green sprouts coming up through still semi-frozen ground.

It's fair to say that, while April may be fickle, March in Ohio can be a real weather scoundrel with April tagging along behind!

Julie Kay Smithson,

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