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Julie Smithson
24 hours of arrival
By Julie Kay Smithson
Dec 31, 2010 - 7:43:26 AM

It takes the new year twenty-four hours to arrive -- one full spin on Earth's axis. In many parts of the world, it's already 2011. Here in rural Ohio, there are less than seven more hours of 2010, a year to remember as we continue to live with ever-moving time.

2010 was a very good year for this gal. For eleven months and four full days -- plus seven hours and fourteen minutes into the fifth -- Wiggles Blue Heeler, my soulmate and companion, confidante, and best friend, lived here in his earthly form, living every breath to please me and make me happy. He loved it when I giggled or chuckled and was euphoric when I spoke his name or any of the many, many terms of endearment that evolved over our more than twelve years together. He, too, had a very good year, sleeping more and doing lots of dreaming, sometimes with feet amove, sometimes yipping softly as he herded in his dreams with the eyesight of yore. 2010 was the year God took Wiggles back to Heaven and freed him from that worn-out blue heeler container he'd done so well by, the container that I knew him here by.

Twas a year during which my mother also returned to Heaven, a year in which more quality time was spent with both Mom and Dad then ever before, a year when all four seasons happened in God's perfect order and alignment, from last January through this December -- slumbering plants under snow, budding, then leafing out, flowering, growing and mowing, then the hazy days of summer in Ohio, then the glorious autumn and once again, in the coolest season, winter.

Welcome to tomorrow, but cherish today and never forget the building blocks leading to today, each with its own lessons and joys. Earthly time ticks on. Nations, like tides, rise and fall. All that are born, die, except! Jesus, son of God, who came to Earth in the humblest of ways, foretold only by prophets and angels. Jesus, who lived and loved us all, whose Father -- also our Father -- gave the ultimate gift to us mortals: death by terrible pain on handhewn wooden cross, three days in a tomb, and then! Our Savior saved us all by rising from the earthly dead to ascend into His Heavenly Home, and ours!

Thank God for each moment of our lives, each sparrow that does not escape His Notice, each footstep we take on our earthly journey from birth to rebirth. We are forgiven! We are understood! We are loved! We are not alone and we are not bound to this earth but temporarily! We will be reunited in eternity with our beloveds!

Julie Kay Smithson, always Wiggles' Mommy

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