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Jim Kouri

Restore The Republic - The Home of the Freedom Movement!
Jim Kouri
San Francisco's sanctuary city policy claims another citizen's life
"How many more Americans will be sacrificed on the altar of Obama's politically-correct nonsense which has routinely leads to citizens being murdered, including police officers?" asked former NYPD police officer, Iris Aquino, a Latino law enforcement official. "Hopefully this case will cause enough outrage against is sure to San Francisco's sanctuary city policies. In fact, instead of bellyaching about Donald Trump's statements on illegal aliens and border security, maybe people will listen to him," she said.
Jul 8, 2015 - 11:27:52 PM

Jim Kouri
Police union leader to Rita Cosby: Baltimore's mayor, police chief must resign
"There's a huge difference between what we're capable of doing here in New York, and the resources we have, as compared to the resources of what was [available] in Baltimore. I don't blame the police officers by any means, but I certainly blame the Police Chief and the Mayor. The people who live there should hold them all accountable," Mullins said to Cosby and her listeners.
May 8, 2015 - 8:40:28 AM

Jim Kouri
Newly released book provides the framework to end the scourge of Islamic jihad
One could only wish that President Obama and his so-called national security team, especially his National Security Advisor Susan Rice and his chief confidante Valerie Jarrett, would read a newly released book that more than explains not only how policymakers should discuss the enemy in this war against Islamic extremists but also how the United States, as the most powerful and exceptional nation in the world, should wage war against an enemy that is as cunning as it is fanatical.
Feb 24, 2015 - 7:09:42 AM

Jim Kouri
State of the Union: Obama 'disses' fallen cop heroes while honoring lawbreaker
A U.S. District Court judge in Pennsylvania issued an opinion that President Obama's unilateral action on immigration -- which permits some illegal aliens to stay in the United States and work -- is unconstitutional. "President Obama's unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause and is [therefore] unconstitutional," said Arthur J. Schwab.
Jan 22, 2015 - 8:44:09 AM

Jim Kouri
Paris terror attack: Mayor de Blasio weakened NYC security
The terrorists' crown-jewel target, New York City, has become more and more vulnerable under the leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio. For example, his dismantling of a special operations unit of police officers that conducted surveillance and investigations of the city's and metropolitan area's mosques has left the Big Apple arguably as vulnerable as it was on Sept. 10, 2001.
Jan 10, 2015 - 8:12:20 PM

Jim Kouri
Happy New Year message sent by Islamic jihadists: An analysis
While most people in the world bid farewell to 2014 and welcomed 2015, Islamic terrorists sent out their own brand of New Year greetings in the only way they know: killing the innocent and destroying public or private property. Although, the U.S. news media is sure to cover the terrorist acts perpetrated in Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as does President Barack Obama, they fail to understand that events in Iraq are part of an international jihad being fought by numerous radical Muslim terror networks and affiliates.
Jan 7, 2015 - 4:52:01 AM

Jim Kouri
Funeral for fallen cop: NYPD asks New Yorkers to dump Mayor Bill de Blasio
The display of thousands of law enforcement officials representing departments and agencies throughout the country standing in the streets of the Queens section of New York City on Saturday, to honor one of two police officers assassinated last week, was a sight not seen since the large number police and firefighter funerals following the 9-11 terrorist attack.
Dec 31, 2014 - 7:07:43 PM

Jim Kouri
Mexican criminal aliens stealing Puerto Rican identities ignored by media
"This is a case no one wants reported, at least no one who is part of the liberal-left orthodoxy. The fact that American citizens who are legally born Americans are being victimized by having their identities stolen doesn't seem to bother President Barack Obama and the rest of his administration. It certainly doesn't concern the news media who appear to have become the Democratic Party's public relations firm," said an angry Puerto Rican cop-turned-attorney, Maria Garcia-DeJesus.
Dec 7, 2014 - 5:30:04 AM

Jim Kouri
ISIS uses chemical weapon in Iraq; police officers killed
The United States military and law enforcement scientists are investigating reports that the terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are using a chemical weapon against the Iraqi military, according to Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday. The ISIS fighters are allegedly using the deadly weapon of mass destruction (WMD) chlorine gas. "I am not in a position to confirm it, but I can tell you that we take these allegations very, very seriously," Kerry told reporters during a press briefing on Friday.
Oct 26, 2014 - 6:20:18 AM

Jim Kouri
Ferguson riot: National police leaders blast Obama remarks
"I'll bet a month's pay that Obama -- if faced with what cops faced in Ferguson -- would fold like a cheap camera. You've heard of the Monday morning [football] quarterbacks? Obama is the Monday morning Commander in Chief," said former police detective and security manager Kiernan Flaherty. "He [behaves] as if he gets paid by the word."
Aug 17, 2014 - 12:17:31 AM

Jim Kouri
Iranian leaders: Jews are heirs to Nazis, Israel must be eliminated
Gen. Safavi claims that his country's reaction to the U.S. and Israeli threats should be to push for uniting the Muslim nations in the Middle East and Africa. He also said that the Muslim countries could eliminate Israel economically by working together.
Aug 6, 2014 - 12:17:32 AM

Jim Kouri
House report advises eliminating IRS commissioner job, ACA management
Republican lawmakers on Tuesday proposed a total revamping of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), accusing the agency of being a political group rather than a nonpartisan government collection agency, according to the House pf Representatives Oversight Committee's latest report titled, "Making Sure Targeting Never Happens: Getting Politics Out of the IRS and Other Solutions."
Aug 1, 2014 - 1:07:47 AM

Jim Kouri
Obama ignored intelligence warnings on Iraqi terrorist surge
"It never ceases to amaze me how America's Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, is busy raising funds for the Democratic Party, hobnobbing with the rich and famous in Hollywood, playing golf and taking extravagant trips but he appears to either be out-of-touch or completely uncaring about the nation's security and well-being. And he gets away with it!" said political strategist and former criminal defense attorney Mike Barker.
Jul 27, 2014 - 4:10:31 AM

Jim Kouri
Hamas rockets found hidden in United Nations school in Gaza
About 20 rockets suspected of being stashed by Islamist terrorists in Gaza were discovered inside of a United Nations-run school located in the Gaza Strip, according to Middle Eastern news reports. The facility is run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which admitted in a press statement that the rockets, suspected of belonging to Hamas, were discovered during a routine building inspection.
Jul 20, 2014 - 3:20:28 AM

Jim Kouri
Texas lawmaker, governor blame Obama for creating 'refugee camps'
Texas officials on Thursday claimed that President Barack Obama and his administration are turning U.S. military installations into "'refugee camps" instead of working to secure the U.S.-Mexico border as a human tsunami illegal alien children flood the nation's immigration system.
Jul 14, 2014 - 12:10:27 AM

Jim Kouri
Lawmakers, Border agents call for deportations of 'Obama's kids'
During the Sunday morning news shows, a number of Republicans and advocates for legal immigration called on The President Barack Obama to deport the children -- and adults hiding among them -- as they amass at the Texas border and that deportation should to take place immediately.
Jul 8, 2014 - 7:45:30 PM

Jim Kouri
VA scandal: Obama administration seeking identities of whistleblowers
The subpoena demands that the Inside-the-Beltway Project on Government Oversight (POGO) turn over any and all documents and identities POGO received from federal official, rank-and-file employees, and others who had complained to POGO about distressing activities occurring at VA medical facilities.
Jun 18, 2014 - 12:10:08 AM

Jim Kouri
Obama using Border Patrol agents as babysitters for illegal alien teens
Judicial Watch reported this week that the Central American minors entering Texas from Mexico are overwhelming the U.S. government's immigration resources. There are media reports of overcrowded holding facilities, contagious diseases, and sexual activity by the unsupervised teenagers.
Jun 15, 2014 - 6:10:25 AM

Jim Kouri
VA Scandal: Retaliation aimed at whistleblowers a serious problem
Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson said in a press statement that federal investigators are probing complaints by at least 35 employees who formally alleged they were victims of workplace retaliation by VA supervisory personnel.
Jun 8, 2014 - 12:25:32 AM

Jim Kouri
Obama's views on Muslim terrorism fly in the face of reality
Despite President Barack Obama and his minions claiming the strength of the world's radical Islamist network is waning and the threat to the United States minimal, a study released on Wednesday by a well-respected and highly-regarded think-tank contradicts what many call Obama's myopic view of the terrorist threat to the United States, the American people, and U.S. interests throughout the world, according to Joel Kaplan, a former members of a police special operations team.
Jun 8, 2014 - 12:07:16 AM

Jim Kouri
Al-Qaeda chief mourns slaying of bin Laden's friend in Syrian conflict
Al-Qaeda's top commander, Ayman al-Zawahiri, on an audio tape he released, urged the Islamists fighting in the Syrian civil war to put an end to their violence against one another such as the killing of a former lieutenant of Osama bin Laden that occurred in February of this year, according to news reports on Saturday regarding an audio tape released on the Internet by Zawahri.
Apr 12, 2014 - 12:17:32 AM

Jim Kouri
House lawmakers to Holder: Launch criminal probe of IRS' Lois Lerner
The U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday voted along party-lines to refer the Internal Revenue Service director who continues to "plead the Fifth" regarding the IRS' targeting of conservative organizations for excessive examination when they requested tax-exempt status, according to the committee's press official, Sarah Swinehart.
Apr 10, 2014 - 12:20:51 AM

Jim Kouri
Arizona lawman calls Obama deportation statistics bogus
During an interview with Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto on Friday, the man known by many as "America's Toughest Sheriff" said he believes that the Obama administration's claim that more people in the U.S. illegally have been deported than ever before since President Barack Obama took office is a deceptive claim.
Mar 28, 2014 - 7:15:31 AM

Jim Kouri
Lawmakers blast Obama's DHS for Libya policy reversal
Four top GOP lawmakers are demanding that the Department of Homeland Security come clean on its proposed rescinding of the United States' Libyan policy prohibiting citizens from that country from working in the aviation industry, according to a letter sent on Wednesday.
Mar 26, 2014 - 12:07:29 AM

Jim Kouri
Obama's 2015 budget takes aim at American gun owners
Despite cuts to the nation's defense, homeland security and public safety budgets, Obama's 2015 budget proposal reveals his continued goal of controlling firearms and ammunition in the hands of civilians who wish to protect themselves, their loved ones and their homes.
Mar 5, 2014 - 12:15:19 AM

Jim Kouri
Congressional panel probes Extortion 17 tragedy in Afghanistan
Some of the dead Seals' family members are angry with Vice President Joe Biden for his public boasts about Seal Team 6 killing bin Laden. They believe he and President Barack Obama kicked security to the roadside in order to score political points for Obama's reelection campaign.
Mar 4, 2014 - 12:13:13 AM

Jim Kouri
Former U.S. Navy cryptology tech imprisoned for espionage
"Hoffman attempted to spy on behalf of the Russian Federation and betrayed the trust this country placed in him," said Acting U.S. Attorney Dana Boente. "He was willing to place American lives at risk for personal gain."
Feb 16, 2014 - 12:12:28 AM

Jim Kouri
U.S. imprisons Guatemalan army officer for covering up role in massacre
Testimony from two Kaibiles who participated in the massacre revealed that Sosa supervised the Special Patrol soldiers as they filled the well with Dos Erres villagers. The evidence also showed that at some point during the massacre, a villager screamed out at Sosa from the well, and Sosa responded by cursing and shooting his assault weapon and throwing a grenade into the well.
Feb 14, 2014 - 12:28:05 AM

Jim Kouri
Syrian jihadists create female battalions to patrol and detect
They know that they are using unethical means to recruit women, in addition to their using the widows of their former members and their female relatives, but they see the goal worth violations of Islamic law, according to the Examiner story.
Feb 5, 2014 - 12:10:36 AM

Jim Kouri
Obama's parole board frees al-Qaeda terrorist from Gitmo
On Thursday, in an almost secret action by the Obama Administration, the Department of Defense decided --based on the results of the first review conducted under President Barack Obama's Executive Order by the Periodic Review Board (PRB) -- to release Guantanamo Bay detainee Mahmud Abd Al Aziz Al Mujahid, according to a Pentagon report.
Jan 15, 2014 - 12:12:57 AM

Jim Kouri
Cops blast Obama tapping cop killer's lawyer for DOJ civil rights chief
"Once again we are face-to-face with proof that this president is hell-bent on radicalizing the Justice Department. One need only read the press releases coming from Attorney General Eric Holder to see that his priority is prosecuting businessmen and corporations rather than organized crime, radical groups and terrorists," said former police detective and director of corporate security Henry Melmann.
Jan 10, 2014 - 12:07:25 AM

Jim Kouri
Terrorist extradition? Yemeni president tells Obama 'never'
President Barack Obama and his national security team met with negative results in their attempt to get Yemen's government to extradite a leader of a radical political party suspected of supporting and financing al-Qaeda, according to government officials on Sunday.
Jan 7, 2014 - 8:37:46 AM

Jim Kouri
Syrian Islamists massacre 120 civilians yet Kerry open to Islamist State
Despite rampant violence perpetrated by radical Muslims on innocent Syrian civilians, Secretary of State John Kerry told the Arab news media on Tuesday that he may be prepared to meet with Islamists regarding a future caliphate once President Bashir al-Assad and his government are deposed.
Dec 20, 2013 - 12:05:26 AM

Jim Kouri
ObamaCare Navigator program rife with deficiencies
The Affordable Care Act, a/k/a ObamaCare, and it's rollout snafu appears to be merely the most visible deficiency of the entire health insurance program, according to a report released by the U.S. Congress on Monday. House lawmakers strongly suggest that ObamaCare's Navigator and Assister program displays serious mismanagement of a government program that jeopardizes Americans' privacy and exposes them to fraud and cyber crime.
Dec 19, 2013 - 4:12:19 AM

Jim Kouri
Bill Clinton blasts Obama administration during Brazilian visit
During his visit to Brazil on Monday, former President Bill Clinton told the Brazilian news media that the United States' need for national security especially protection from terrorist atacks does not justify President Barack Obama's National Security Agency's program that includes spying on allied countries.
Dec 13, 2013 - 5:47:42 AM

Jim Kouri
Egyptian cops break laws they routinely enforce during protests
The army-backed transitional government had passed the new law regulating public gatherings and their police forces have been enforcing the strict regulations for public gatherings and displays.
Dec 12, 2013 - 5:39:08 AM

Jim Kouri
Pentagon officials paid companies tied to Afghan terrorists
An internal investigation within the Pentagon has uncovered the U.S. government has paid more than $150- million to organizations that finance attacks by terrorists against American soldiers serving in Afghanistan, according to an American Political Action Committee (Ameri-Pac) statement released last Wednesday.
Nov 27, 2013 - 5:15:16 AM

Jim Kouri
DHS official who advocates racial terrorism collects wages while suspended
A Homeland Security Newswire on Thursday reported that a Department of Homeland Security official, who was suspended for his racist statements and diatribes over the summer, continues to draw a taxpayer-paid salary from the very Americans he advocates killing.
Nov 26, 2013 - 5:17:37 PM

Jim Kouri
Criminal alien MS-13 leader sentenced to life imprisonment
An illegal alien and leader of one of the nation's largest organized crime gangs found out on Thursday in a Central Islip, N.Y., courtroom that he will spend the remainder of his life in a federal prison facility, according to a Justice Department and FBI statement.
Nov 24, 2013 - 12:07:11 AM

Jim Kouri
IRS's Lerner illegally sent conservative group data to FEC: Watchdogs
Emails sent between the Internal Revenue Service's Lois Lerner and attorneys at the Federal Election Commission revealing that the IRS gave the FEC confidential information regarding conservative groups, especially those calling themselves Tea Party organizations were released on Halloween by a Washington, D.C., public-interest group that investigates government corruption.
Nov 6, 2013 - 5:30:03 AM

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