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Jan Herron

You Have a Choice, Exercise It
By Jan Herron
May 22, 2007 - 2:51:38 PM

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Congress represents American citizens--providing checks-and-balances to the power of the president.

I did not feel represented last week by Senators Ted "Sunshine" Kennedy, John "Foul Mouth" McCain, Jon "I Wannabe a Judge" Kyl, Ken "Open Borders Poster Boy" Salazar and Lindsey "I love LaRaza" Graham, to mention a few of the Senate high-brows. These elitists took to the stage all smiles and provided media-hype touting that they have all come to a "bi-partisan compromise" on the "new" McCain/Kennedy/Kyl/Bush Amnesty Bill.

What a crock of horse feathers! Ted Kennedy and John McCain suffered a "senior moment" when they smiled thinking they pulled a fast one on the American people. It only takes a moment and the moment is now for you to voice your anger at these traitors, quislings and spineless sell-outs.

Ted Kennedy and his "sunshine boys" still insist that all 12-20 million illegal aliens now in the country must have a path to citizenship. Do the "sunshine boys" realize that two-thirds of illegal aliens do not give a hoot about citizenship? They want only to work and send money back to Mexico. Yet, the "sunshine boys" insist on giving them all the right to vote. Their stupidity passes for political shrewdness. Do they really believe that placing illegal aliens above American citizens will fly? No way! Judging from the news, American citizens tied up the phone lines and fax machines in letting the "fools on the hill" become aware of their anger and resentment over this ridiculous "compromise". Americans are fighting mad as hell and will fight the good fight.

This new "sunshine compromise" will never, ever eliminate illegal immigration. "Senior moment" senators put the needs of their corporate friends, who get rich off of illegal aliens, first. They care about the rich when it comes to this issue, not to mention the votes illegal aliens will provide. Senators Kennedy and McCain crave political power so desperately that they will sell out our rule of law to accommodate their respective agendas.

The lack of enforcement of our southern borders allows illegal aliens to invade our country daily. This lack of enforcement created a backlog to law enforcement. The job of stopping the invasion screams out of control. And, the "sunshine senators" tell us our borders will be enforced? What a joke! Now there will be meeting after meeting, discussion after discussion. Creating the latest "compromise" solutions will never stop the invasion. We've had laws on the books that haven't been enforced allowing over 20 million illegal aliens to camp out in our country.

There was a vivid difference when citizens of this country went to the border with nothing more than a cell phone, a lawn chair and a pair of binoculars and were successful because they WANTED to solve the problem, replacing a government of big business and open borders advocates who seek only to go through the motions. Citizens recognize it, and government recognizes it, (even though they don't want to). American citizens will no longer tolerate their blatantly forced pro-Mexico and pro-illegal alien immigration policies shoved down our throats and they will make it clear to their legislators at all levels that we want NO AMNESTY, NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP and SECURED BORDERS.

Should members of Congress continue pushing their "compromise" program for amnesty to millions of lawbreakers, American voters will urge our elected members of Congress to send this hideous legislation to the Government Printing Office trash bin where it belongs.

Allowing individuals to enter this country illegally first and then say they will be at the end of the line and pay a $5,000 fine is AMNESTY. These lawbreakers are already here in our country. Repeated poll after poll show 80%+ Americans are in opposition to illegal alien amnesty. The Mexican government has made clear in recent years their "Reconquista" intentions. Not surprisingly McCain and Kennedy have not one word of protest. They both totally ignore the thousands of Mexican flags being constantly displayed throughout the country. It's time to fly the "No Amnesty Flag".

Americans have had enough of illegal aliens being given our economic and natural resources while this "Compromise" will continue to send the bill to law-abiding citizens. This government who has refused to enforce our immigration laws are responsible for the overpopulation and urban sprawl that bankrupts every law-abiding American citizen and legal immigrant.

The 2008 presidential election is coming soon. Do you believe you have to elect a front-runner? The democrats have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The three front runners in the Republican party are Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani and John McCain. None of these front-runners will do anything about the serious issue of illegal immigration. They're all talk and no cattle. There are other candidates out there such as Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul. They are willing to deal with the illegal alien invasion.

In 2008, we must give "the boot" to these front-runners and the "now famous 69" senators who refuse to represent "We the People." These worthless hacks are easy to recognize: they refuse to call the invaders what they are: illegal aliens. Instead they choose diluted, politically correct and pandering terms like "undocumented migrants" and "unauthorized workers." Examples include Senator John McCain who "prefers the term illegal immigrant". Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and other re-tread candidates who parrot the snake oil pitch that illegal alien invaders are valuable "citizens" of the United States instead of the lawbreakers they are.

It's not too early to start thinking about the "Voters Pink Slip" as the illegal immigration debate is so very important. You have a choice if you want to put a stop to the political corruption in Washington, exercise it!

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Jan Herron
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