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Jan Herron
Who's Zooming Whom?
By Jan Herron
Jun 3, 2007 - 2:20:38 PM

If SB 1348 (Kyl/Kennedy/McCain) Amnesty Bill passes, it will be the end of America as we know it. The "doomsday" sound isn't so farfetched when you think of 20 million people given permission to remain in the US despite their being a total "black box;" we know nothing about them--who they are, where they're from, what they did at home and why they're here. Contrary to Mr. Bush's insulting comments to Americans, they're here to "do the jobs Americans don't want," and "Hell, if they come across Big Bend we want 'em."

Have you contacted your Senators with your outrage, letting them know your vehement "NO" to amnesty! Instead of asking $5,000 from each illegal alien to gain citizenship, let's give them a one-way bus ticket back home. Better yet, use the "attrition through enforcement" method and make the illegals pay their own fare to return home when they can't find jobs, can't get government benefits, and can't get assistance from the illegal alien-loving "immigrant industry." That's how we begin to deport these 20 million intruders who continue to invade our country on a daily basis. Our government will save billions of dollars on their costs, and will stop the flow of untaxed wage remittances out of the US--$23 billion last year to Mexico alone!

The primary objective of every politician is re-election. His greatest fear is losing at the polls and getting a "voters' pink slip." So long as voters continue to re-elect them, they assume their constituents approve of their conduct, no matter now despicable. Never has this principle been more obvious than watching members of the US Senate vote on SB1348 "comprehensive immigration reform." It's time to send your Senator a "pink slip".

The Washington elite have their own exclusive agenda, and it doesn't include average Americans. Just ask the "pro-amnesty 69 senators" who are not listening to their constituents. Their agenda includes the now 20 million illegal aliens camping out in our country (although the the pro-amnesty 69 senators continue their lie of 10-12 million). If our existing US immigration laws forbidding hiring illegal aliens by employers were enforced, most illegal aliens would leave today. Eliminating illegal aliens from all public assistance (including the so-called "charities" like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, etc.) would be a reminder. That will ultimately solve the illegal migration problem when the jobs and other economic attractions are eliminated. The relatively few remaining illegal crossers (drug smugglers and terrorists) would be relatively easy to control.

Simply put, we don't need another amnesty.

Commonly, illegal aliens arrive in the US expecting (even demanding) free health care services for their families. Their excuse, "we should get this, because we do the work Americans don't want." Mexico has indoctrinated at least 3 generations with the notion that it's their country that they're taking back from the gringos who stole it from them. That's why they reject the idea that they're illegal and/or breaking the law.

"Illegal aliens don't ask for free benefits because they're afraid." Baloney. They not only ask and expect, they've learned how to beat the system, obtaining services that they're not eligible for. Illegal aliens not only drain the US system of money and abuse honest hardworking Americans, but also an "in your face" insult that cripples our system, rendering it incapable of helping anyone.

Illegal aliens should not be in the US under any circumstances. Why do our government officials dictate a "hands-off illegals" policy, allowing them to violate laws with impunity for which US citizens would be fined or jailed? While we as citizens should have more rights than illegal aliens, the irony is that we have less. And now our government wants to amnesty 20 million-plus lawbreaking invaders who are camped in our country demanding "squatters' rights."

Give them not what they demand, but what they deserve--report and deport.

SB 1348 is ludicrous; it's contrary to all reason and makes no sense at all! It's also wrong! What happened to the concept of "doing the right thing?" Where is the justice, integrity and honesty from government officials that is expected of law-abiding CITIZENS?

Americans are outraged that illegal aliens and their lawbreaking are tolerated, even encouraged! Where do we see illegals being punished for breaking US laws? Where is justice for American citizens? And now we're told by Senator Jon Kyl that rewarding these illegal aliens is "the best we can do."

Without the rule of law, the US will have total chaos in our nation, just as the anarchy in the third world nations sending the illegal aliens.

This President specifically and this Congress must demonstrate a serious shift in enforcing our immigration laws instead of promoting AMNESTY. We must constantly remind them that we are wise to their pro-illegal alien position. SB 1348 is unacceptable.

Our government officials have ignored the wishes of its citizens in favor of foreign countries who shirk their responsibility to their citizens by encouraging them to invade the US.

Americans are now fighting for our very existence. Our laws are only as effective as the consistency of their enforcement. We must exert constant pressure on elected officials and our tax-funded agencies.

That illegal alien children hog our educational resources while their parents and "communities" pay nothing toward expenses for additional teachers, supplies, and new schools is an outrage.

Citizens who oppose this giveaway of America know that if our existing laws were enforced, illegal aliens would not be illegally employed or illegally harbored by slum lords who fill their apartment buildings with foreign invaders. If they can't live here or work here, they'd leave here! No one would have to "round them up." Simply put, it's called SELF DEPORTATION!

Americans, wake up and smell the salsa! Recognize the invasion affecting us every day. We must defend our country from invasion, just as our ancestors have done. Illegal immigration, the gift that keeps on giving, must cease immediately!  First on the agenda, should be secure borders and then we talk about all the other gifts.

America has defended the world and fed the world, but have forgotten how to defend ourselves. Those 69 Senators consider demands of our enemies of more importance than its own citizens. Americans need not apologize for insisting that our own interests and needs come first.

Americans demand representative government, not government wimps. Who's Zooming Whom?

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