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Jan Herron

The Lesser of Three Evils is still Evil
By Jan Herron
Jun 4, 2006 - 9:32:00 PM

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Is there a member of Congress willing to restore to the American people what belongs to them: border security, deporting illegal aliens to restore our country, our health care, our jobs and our childrens' schools? Americans have enough faith in Congress (especially House members) that they plan to hang tough against President Bush's serving his party and campaign contributors at the expense of the American people he took an oath to serve. They've had enough of George Bush and his pandering to everyone but them!

Every American should be alarmed by the McCain-Kennedy Illegal Alien Amnesty legislation. Senators McCain and Kennedy want to reward people who enter the US illegally in violation of US immigration laws. As public servants, they've taken an oath to serve Americans and to comply with American laws and the US Constitution.

C-Span allowed Americans to view Senators McCain and Kennedy and their arrogant behavior to the demands of "We The People" that our borders be secured and immigration laws enforced. Their blatant political pandering and posturing gave Americans even more reason for outrage than the thousands of illegal aliens marching in American streets waving the Mexican flag. McCain and Kennedy clearly showed the "bipartisan" perspective in federal refusal to enforce US immigration laws and deport illegal aliens. These two are classic examples of politicians who deserve a "voters' pink slip" and the sooner, the better!

The eagerness of both McCain and Kennedy to serve as George Bush's "point men" on the "Not An Amnesty" Guestworker Bill demonstrates their self-serving behavior during the current immigration debate. They demonstrated clearly that they stand solidly with George Bush in betrayal of Americans by holding hostage our border security and law enforcement to their "amnesty for illegal aliens." Most Americans want the borders secured and the millions of illegal aliens deported. Jorge Bush, Juan McCain and Eduardo Kennedy will adopt whatever serves their political interests.

The treacherous agenda of this trilateral "axis of evil" (Bush, McCain and Kennedy) must be stopped. It's time these three stooges understand that "WE THE PEOPLE" are as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. "He that lies with the dogs riseth with fleas," and those who consort with our enemies become our enemies themselves.

Idiots, impostors and xenophiliacs are forcing their global agenda on America and its citizen-rulers, with their intent to generate the death of America. But Americans are no longer intimidated by the old "shut-up phrases" ('racist,' 'xenophobe,' 'mean-spirited,' and 'bigot'). They're now immune to the vilifying guilt-trips spouted by the looney leftist liberals, open-borders politicians, junk journalists and banana republic propagandists.

In his famous "How to Destroy America" speech, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm said, "My fifth point for destroying America would be to establish the cult of 'Victimology.' I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all failures on the majority population."

Lamm's description fits to a "T" today's non-profit "immigration/refugee industry," the communications media, and the ethnic advocates who seek to destroy our nation and its people with their deceitful "everything is beautiful" mantras. They invent past injustices and tell us that we must atone for them, creating a welfare-oriented society of insistent victims, including illegal aliens who have the audacity to invade our country and tell us we owe them!

Americans see most of their elected officials sitting idly by, doing nothing while the USA is invaded. No wonder they suspect these politicians of living on happy pills! The few exceptions, like Congressman Tom Tancredo, Steve King, Peter King, James Sensenbrenner, and Senator Jeff Sessions only show by comparison what a "statesman" truly is compared to the despicability of worthless politicians.

Our nation's survival is at stake, and we need coherent and responsible leadership to save it. Federal employees are currently subject to random drug testing, so why not include elected officials like Patrick Kennedy and John McCain? The life-and-death policy decisions they make affect the fate of our country and every American citizen for the next 50 years or the end of America, whichever comes first.

The lesser of these three evils - McCain, Kennedy & Bush? There's no such thing!

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Jan Herron
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