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Jan Herron

Straight from the Jawbone of an Ass
By Jan Herron
May 7, 2005 - 11:54:00 AM

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Straight from the jawbone of an ass came tired old "racist, xenophobe" litany of whining and sniveling, broadcast by C-Span on Wednesday's Latino Coalition.

The specific ass in question is Congressman Chris "give 'em all amnesty and keep 'em coming" Cannon of Utah, who recently said of America's patriot Congressman Tom Tancredo: "I think he ought to consider his views and decide whether they're consistent with the Republican Party." Where did Cannon deliver this rendition? It was a joint panel with Congressman Luis Gutierrez moderated by no less a Jorge Boosh-groupie than columnist Tamar Jacoby. The strategy seemed to call for Cannon and Gutierrez to demonstrate rude, crude behavior at the Latino Coalition, where such behavior is apparently welcome. Cannon felt comfortable as his buddy, President Bush, was soon to arrive.

Cannon frequently commented that we need not fear "undocumented workers" who walk around with "Windex" ready to spray windows. Apparently, Cannon wasn't aware of, or doesn't watch The O'Reilly Factor. This week O'Reilly brought attention to the brutal murder of Mary Nagle, the 42 year old wife and mother of two from New York. Mary Nagle was found in her bedroom, beaten, slashed and partially clothed, and possible even raped. One has to question Cannon's comments about having no fear of undocumented workers using "Windex" spray bottles. It's obvious the illegal alien arrested for the brutal murder of Mary Nagle had graduated from carrying a bottle of Windex to carrying a power-washer. Yes, this "good-hearted" undocumented worker was just here looking for a "better life." He was a contractor for a New Jersey company, and was hired to "power-wash" the Nagle's home. Mary Nagle had a husband, and two children in kindergarten and third grade. Yes, Mr. Cannon and President Bush, sadly your "undocumented worker" was just doing the job Americans won't do! This government better go after this company who hired this "undocumented murderer."

There is no time like the present to send this LOUD and CLEAR message to employers who hire these undocumented murderers.

Guiterrez' remarks then continued the illegal alien advocate litany of "if not for the undocumented workers in this country, I'd say that this room would not have been as clean and well organized this morning." When will Louie and Chris learn that they're not undocumented workers; they're ILLEGAL ALIENS! More ad nauseum pandering by a Chicago-area congressman to keep our borders wide open, bashing Tancredo as the prime defender of America's sovereignty. After observing and hearing Louie, it's clear that his allegiance is NOT to America and Americans.

Determining the agendas of these two congressional traitors requires no more than recognizing that Chris Cannon, Louis Guiterrez and Tamar Jacoby are illegal alien advocacy propaganda mills. That he was walking into the proverbial lions' den at the Latino Coalition and faced two notorious sellouts to illegal immigration like Cannon and Gutierrez didn't faze Tom Tancredo - he's been there before and will be there again. He refused to back down before the orchestrated "Latino audience and agenda" and presented the facts to everyone, free of the emotional and demagogic harangue to which the pro-illegal alien advocates typically resort. It goes without saying that Chris and Louie don't dare allow facts to present their "open borders" agenda.

Louie and Chris repeatedly violate their congressional oath to uphold the US Constitution and US laws. Certainly by now even these two puppets of the "open borders lobby" know that illegal aliens in the US are violating US laws. Naturally, Tom Tancredo's common-sense, law-abiding commentary went out the door and in the garbage, whereupon Chris, Louie and Tamar began their monkeyshines.

It's obvious that the Latino Coalition has the lobbying ear of President George "Hell, if they'll cross Big Bend, we want 'em" Bush. Not only did Presidente Jorge attend the event, but he also quickly chirps "how high" to the Latinos "jump" commands.

The rude, crude and disrespectful behavior by these Shamnesty peddlers was cynicism at its best. TRUE CONSERVATIVES must have been shocked by Cannon's despicable behavior! Cannon and Guieterrez repeatedly interrupted Tancredo and it was obvious from the organizers of this staged circus that Tamar obsequiously ignored blatant rudeness by Chris and Louie that she wouldn't have allowed of Tom Tancredo.

Was the "Latino" audience aware how Cannon's congressional standing has tanked? He's actually been removed from membership on the House Immigration subcommittee after 5 (count 'em) complaints of ethics violations were filed. It seems that Cannon allowed immigration lawyers who support his campaigns to draft the AgJobs Amnesty during the 108th Congress. When the AgJobs bill required illegal alien amnesty applicants to acquire an attorney (paid for with taxpayer funds, of course), that was just too heavy a conflict of interest! 1

Can it actually be that Cannon's blatant and repeated unethical behavior was finally too much for fellow congressmembers to ignore? Or maybe the title of "Honorable" before Cannon's name was just too nauseating. For whatever reason, Cannon's name no longer appears on the House Immigration Subcommittee roster.

That Cannon has the audacity to hint that Tom Tancredo should leave the Republican Party is hypocrisy to the extreme. If the Republican Party were to begin screening its members for values and ethics, Cannon himself would be the first to get the royal boot. For Republican voters to object and protest to the party hierarchy is as futile as sending complaints to the White House. Further, the voters of Colorado are the only ones entitled to determine whether Representative Tancredo is a member of the GOP. Cannon has it backwards, it is he that doesn't belongin the GOP for his non-support of enforcing our immigration laws. Simply put, it's Cannon who must leave the party. Beware of a donkey in elephant clothing!

Cannon, Gutierrez and Jacoby are ill-mannered brats who need a course from Ms. Manners. As always, Tancredo spoke nothing more than the plain and obvious truth on the illegal immigration issue. And nothing offends an ass more than the unvarnished truth.

Louie and Chris have earned a voters' pink slip, and the sooner the better.

1"Cannon drums on immigration despite voters," Salt Lake Tribune, September 14 2004

Jan Herron can be contacted at

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Jan Herron
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