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Jan Herron

Radio Talk Show Hosts: It's time to join The Rebel Alliance
By Jan Herron
May 23, 2006 - 12:26:00 PM

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It's time for radio talk show hosts throughout the country to join the Rebel Alliance ( listen to the Peter Boyles Radio Show 630 AM KHOW, 5-9AM MST.

The insistently misguided mind of George Bush claims that people who enter the US illegally are "goodhearted people" who want to "put food on the table" by "doing the jobs Americans won't do." This President places every obstacle possible to enforcement of current immigration laws. Why would we believe any promises he makes on improving HIS current disaster with his "guest-worker amnesty?" Quite bluntly, he's repeatedly proven that his word and his promises can't be trusted. Just ask any Border Patrol Agent.

This corrupt and pandering President must not be allowed by Congress to destroy America with his "guest worker"amnesty plan.

Congress and the President have encroached on every power reserved for the states, while shirking and abdicating the responsibilities specifically assigned them by the Constitution. Congress and the President consistently ignore the provisions and requirements of our Constitution, just as they do our immigration laws.

Citizens must "Take America Back" from crooks, lobbyists, and corporate shills. Our legislators have become too arrogant in the belief that they can ignore the demands of "we the people." What better evidence of their arrogance than their "We are a nation of immigrants" form-letter replies to Americans demanding an end to illegal immigration and enforcement of our immigration laws.

Nothing will change these arrogant legislators except being voted out of office. Nor can Americans look to the two political parties for help; they're part of the problem as both parties wear the same sombrero.

Americans familiar with the Constitution know that, despite years of Presidential "acquired power," must still rely on members of the House of Representatives to introduce his desired legislation. A strong number of House members are prepared to REFUSE to "carry the President's water." With that in mind, Americans know it's House members who will listen to us, members like Tom Tancredo, Steve King, Ron Paul, Jim Sensenbrenner, Nathan Deal, Mike Price, Dana Rohrabacher and others.

It's time to join the "Rebel Alliance"  (Peter Boyles KHOW Radio 630AM ) to take action. Radio talk show hosts throughout the country are signing on. With the support of many American patriots, we can and should exert power where we'll get results. The President refuses to listen to the voters of America, but Congress can act in his refusal.

Don't forget that the House of Representatives holds "power of the purse strings." They have the power, and we must encourage them to use it. NO AMNESTY, period!

"I shall know but one country. The ends I aim at shall be my country's, my God's, and Truth's. I was born an American; I live an American; I shall die an American." -- Daniel Webster

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Jan Herron
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