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Jan Herron
Put your US Senators on Speed-Dial
By Jan Herron
Jun 12, 2007 - 8:02:36 AM

Don't discard the phone numbers of your Senators and Congressmen; you'll soon need them again.
As former Arizona congressman and now Phoenix radio talk-show host JD Hayworth cautioned his listeners last Friday, "We've only won a skirmish--look for amnesty to rear its ugly head in some House "Ominous" Spending Bill." (Listen to JD Hayworth on KFYI live at each Monday-Friday 4-7pm Pacific Time).

AMNESTY is not dead yet, according to this President and his Senate bag-men. Even this weekend, they're conspiring against the American people to force on us what we've plainly rejected--AMNESTY for illegal aliens.

Is there a member of Congress willing to restore to the American people what belongs to them: border security, deporting illegal aliens to restore our country, our health care, our jobs and our schools? Americans have enough faith in Congress (especially House members) that they plan to hang tough against this Senate and this President who took an oath to serve.

Several years ago, Americans had utmost confidence and respect for their government. They also had great respect for their elected government officials. I can remember checking the "Miss Manners" book for the correct way to address elected representatives. It was often "The Honorable" so and so. Envelopes are no longer addressed with "The Honorable; there is little honor left in Washington, DC.

That's all past history. There's a good reason we no longer address elected officials as "The Honorable;" they've long ago ceased being honorable. They no longer serve "we the people" and therefore no longer deserve our respect. We've now substituted titles that more accurately reflect their behavior: "traitor-trash, sell-out politicians." We've seen them in action this past week, trying to push their "grand bargain" illegal alien amnesty on Americans who plainly don't want it.

I remember a time when dining in American restaurants meant no need to worry about cleanliness - the facilities and employees were tested and inspected regularly. Contracting Hepatitis A, Chagas disease, e coli, or intestinal parasites carried by unscreened illegal-alien kitchen workers who served your meals was unheard of. But not any longer.

The Washington elitists have their own exclusive agenda that excludes average Americans. Their agenda includes the now 20 million illegal aliens camping out in our country (although the President, Lindsey Graham, Ken Salazar, Jon Kyl, and their AMNESTY ASSOCIATES in the Senate continue their lie of 12 million). If existing US immigration laws forbidding hiring illegal aliens by employers were enforced, most illegal aliens would leave today. Eliminating illegal aliens from all public assistance (including the so-called "charities" like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, etc.) would be a reminder. The relatively few remaining illegal crossers (drug smugglers gang members and terrorists) would be relatively easy to apprehend and imprison.

Illegal aliens make no effort to assimilate into our society. They come only for the benefits and "free lunch" Americans designed for our citizens. Most legal immigrants consider it a privilege to come to America and share in its promise. In contrast, illegal aliens seem to feel we owe them a living just because they successfully violated our law to enter the US. These are serious problems and endanger our nation's future.

What were Americans thinking when we chose to protect American sovereignty? What were Americans thinking when we instructed our Congress to triple the inadequate Border Patrol staff to hinder illegal immigration? What were millions of Americans thinking while responding to poll after nationwide poll opposing illegal alien amnesty (including the GWB "Guest Worker Bill" amnesty)? 80%-plus of Americans demand our borders be made secure and our current immigration laws enforced. We were thinking that our elected officials would pay attention to our opinions, but they don't.

One can only envision the anger of President Bush and his "pro-illegal alien" lobby that networks like CNN and broadcasters such as Lou Dobbs continue their coverage of the illegal alien invasion. They must be furious that networks validate Americans' outrage with the White House "open borders" agenda forced upon us. George Bush & his Administration now know that continued media coverage will only spread the message (and outrage) to more Americans, making amnesty a tougher sell. No wonder Dianne Feinstein and the White House is incensed at the defeat of S-1348; they were sure that THIS TIME they'd prevail. They hoped they'd silenced us long ago, yet we're now louder and more visible than ever.

American newspapers have little news or intelligent commentary; instead they abound with clue-less one-liners manufactured by the "open-borders" crowd. Their publishers and editors force-feed readers that illegal aliens are essential. "Without undocumented workers, no one would make your hotel beds, clean your toilets, prepare meals or wash dishes!" they self-righteously trumpet.

Our country's sovereignty and its unique and superior culture is being obliterated by Mexico and the rest of the Third World because we no longer have "honorable" politicians representing us in Congress. Our republic, its future and the futures of our children and grandchildren are doomed because our government refuses to stop the continuing invasion of America by Third-World illiterates.

"Duty," "honor" and "integrity" must be demanded from every government official - elected or appointed.

I hope you have kept your senators phone numbers, we just might be dialing to save our dollars very soon.

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