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Jan Herron

Patrick J. Buchanan: Right From the Beginning
By Jan Herron
Oct 6, 2006 - 8:20:00 AM

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Pat Buchanan confirms that he was "Right from the Beginning" in his recent, best selling book, "State of Emergency," and is right on target in conveying what most journalists, educators and politicians are afraid to convey about a nation in crisis.

Buchanan's great writing should be read by every American citizen, for they have every right to be concerned about illegal immigration and its impact on our culture, education and the impact of a "do-nothing" government in denial of this nation's problems concerning the daily invasion of our southern borders. Buchanan presents an interesting, provocative reading and is refreshingly honest, blunt and captures America's problems with clarity and scholarly perception. It's obvious we cannot continue to rely on our dysfunctional politicians to resolve this severe crisis.

First and foremost, Buchanan brings attention to our lax immigration laws and the elected and appointed public officials responsible for this catastrophic dilemma.

Buchanan stresses the fact that Americans are losing their country and it's time they stop tolerating the quislings, traitors and spineless sellouts that place "cheap labor" business interests and desperate pandering to illegal aliens ahead of American citizens. This great read finally discusses the issue of illegal immigration and deals directly with an invasion that is sweeping and destroying our nation.

Buchanan makes his first priority the protection of the American people. He has courageously led his fellow citizens in serving the interests of America over that of his former Republican Party. After reading this excellent writing, citizens nationwide will consider Pat Buchanan, their personal patriot.

In clear, no-nonsense style, "State of Emergency" provides a unique and candid view of a nation in serious decline.

It is now time for American citizens to refuse to accept elitist-dictated mass immigration any longer and demand public review and revision of immigration policy and abolishment of ludicrous "multicultural" policies. The illegal aliens who are encouraged to keep their "culture" rather than assimilate as well as blatantly disregard our laws must be deported immediately.

It's interesting that La Raza's poster girl, Janet Murguia and GOP mouthpiece, Linda Chavez are has-beens who have crept out from under the woodwork to trash Pat Buchanan every time he skyrockets in the polls. It's obvious their agenda is quite different from that of mainstream America and they place their nationality above their country, the United States of America.

We must never forget the many contributions of Pat Buchanan's good friend, the late Sam Francis. Sam was a man who was also "Right from the Beginning," and a visionary who left us too soon. I'm glad Sam was mentioned in Buchanan's book.

Pat Buchanan's "State of Emergency" ought to be read by every American citizen. Not only is it telling... but brings to light what citizens of the United States are up against with a no-account Congress and a President who turns his back on the American people. You'll get more than an informative return on your investment when purchasing this book.

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Jan Herron
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