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Jan Herron

Opinions Are Like Assholes: Everybody's Got One
By Jan Herron
Jun 2, 2006 - 11:55:00 AM

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My views on the illegal immigration issue are based on an American's personal experience rather than corporate journalist's agenda and the Wall Street Journal comes to mind. Other concerned friends have joined me in sharing our observations and experience. We exchange mutual encouragement, recognizing that our commentaries encourage other Americans to express publicly their opposition to illegal immigration that they've kept to themselves for too long. Being called a racist/bigot/xenophobic doesn't bring tears to my eyes, as I am a Christian soldier and believe in fighting for my country. And, I also realize that opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one.

Mainstream Americans today experience "reverse racism" from those promoting political correct agendas. They have powerful allies who control the many flourishing nonprofit, "charitable industries" providing assistance to illegal aliens PRIMARILY FUNDED WITH AMERICAN TAXPAYERS' MONEY! These groups engage in nauseating self-aggrandizement for their "charitable work," choosing to ignore that most of their funds don't come from voluntary charitable donations, but forcibly paid taxes.

Americans who object to this "enforced charity" are commonly condemned by the high-salaried bureaucrats and "do-gooders" of these nonprofit groups when we demand enforcement of immigration laws, with violators deported. We recognize that their opposition to immigration law enforcement is fueled not by "humanitarian concern," but self-interest and greed: lost of our "enforced charity" payments endangers their high salaries, their fat budgets and staffs and their power base. How dare they condemn the very citizens whose taxes fund their cushy jobs and lifestyles!

In addition to taxpayer-funded "public" services like free medical care and education, the US government funds additional "low-visibility" assistance to illegal aliens: preferential jobs and educational opportunity, housing, monthly cash payments and legal services, all at drastically reduced or no cost. And these inequities and undeserved preferences are funded by my tax money on the ludicrous pretense that illegal aliens are the most disadvantaged people in the US! Millions of Americans would echo my anger and outrage IF THIS FUNDING WERE OPENLY DISCLOSED RATHER THAN CAREFULLY KEPT "LOW PROFILE."

The US government perpetuates such inequities with the intention of making the already bad situation worse. The one thing that's worse than repeatedly hearing that illegal aliens have a "right" to live and work in my country is knowing that these illegal aliens are funded by Americans' tax dollars! Americans need not apologize for insisting that everyone admitted to the US make a positive contribution rather than parasites on the American taxpayers and the public services we fund with our tax dollars. Subsidizing illegal alien lawbreakers is morally repugnant to every American!

In its brief life, the Department of Homeland Security is a discriminatory and hypocritical failure in its mission and customers--the American citizens who were promised internal security. Replacing Secretary Tom Ridge with Michael Chertoff has not corrected the problem.

The Administration's support system for illegal aliens is intolerable. Employers hire illegals and pocket obscene profits by shifting employment cost to American taxpayers. American industries are virtually lost after "outsourcing" our technology and expertise to "cheap labor" foreign countries. After making immigration and "multiculturalism" policies behind closed doors with no public input by those affected, Americans are force-fed "multiculturalism" and mass immigration. Citizens' protest and objections are ignored by their elected officials, led by the "man at the top," President George W. Bush and his amigos, Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

Americans now refuse to accept elitist-dictated "multiculturalism" and mass immigration any longer and demand public review and revision of immigration policy and abolishment of ludicrous "multicultural" policies. The illegal aliens who are encouraged to keep their "culture" rather than assimilate as well as blatantly disregard US laws must be deported immediately. Self-serving elitists who label us "racists" will be dismissed. Americans need not apologize for insisting that immigration policy be open to public input and debate--it's our home and we insist on the right to chose those invited to enter.

There is light at the end of the tunnel as well as solutions. The US government must fulfill its duty to its citizens rather than continue being manipulated by corporate dictators at FirstData/Western Union, Financial Markets like the Bilderburg Group, "One-world" organizations like the UN and EU, World Bank and the IMF, Investment Companies, global business dictators, and non-profits like the International Red Cross.

As in past years, we will see billions in American tax dollars "mucho dineros" spent aiding and abetting illegal aliens. This corruption and mismanagement of your money are legend. Friends, this money from Americans should be spent on Americans, not subsidizing wealthy elitists on both sides of US borders.

Illegal immigration must be immediately stopped and as well as the BS of "legalization" that would add millions of unskilled and English-illiterate people to public welfare rolls. This simple and "doable" step would immediately rescue many young and older entry-level American workers from the mass job displacement by illegal aliens, a national disgrace and crisis. We emphasize that legal immigrants to America are first-class people. When they give full and undivided loyalty to America and become citizens, they become first-class citizens.

This President and this Congress must do its sworn duty to honor "We the People" as their superiors. They are entirely capable of creating jobs FOR AMERICANS that will restore American enterprise technical knowledge and expertise. Elected officials must recognize that they serve Americans, not citizens of India, China or the Philippines. American officials must protect Americans and their quality of life, not the pockets corporate crooks and foreign dictators.

Time is running out. Each American must demonstrate concern for our country, speaking courageously for the American values in such dire jeopardy. Congressman Tom Tancredo makes his first priority the protection of American peoples' needs. He has courageously led his fellow congressmen in serving the interests of America over that of his Party. Citizens nationwide consider Congressman Tancredo "their congressman" even though they live in Arizona, California, Georgia, or New Hampshire.

His leadership has inspired many other members of Congress to join him in serving Americans above their political party. These people express their views and "do the right thing" regardless of a "Party line." Americans must demand the same of every member of Congress as well as our state legislators and governors.

It's time to delete the elite in Washington, DC, as the District of Criminals Disease is contagious. The sixty-two traitor-trash senators who voted for SB 2611 (AMNESTY) need to be quarantined until election season. This contagious and deadly disease is a threat to every American citizen. Americans are mad as hell, and are not going to take this nonsense any longer.

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Jan Herron
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