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Jan Herron
Mrs. Palin goes to Washington
By Jan Herron
Sep 5, 2008 - 11:10:14 PM

Prior to Sen. John McCain's announcement of his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, I had decided not to cast my presidential vote for this election cycle. I'm reconsidering.

I like her spunk and admire her determination, not to mention her demonstrated drive for smaller government and her implied willingness to go after political corruption in Washington.

What remains to be fully flushed out is Sarah Palin's position on illegal immigration. Word is that she is against amnesty; let's hope so, because the tipping point for me and many American voters on whether we vote for a McCain-Palin ticket rests on this pivotal issue.

Theoretically, Sarah Palin could be God's gift to America. Her record to date indicates she may be one of the few with the chutzpah, courage and conviction to take a unequivocal proactive stand on issues threatening America's heritage, sovereignty, survival and the intentional dismantling of the middle class.

The liberals seem to have an issue with really strong women, as evidenced by how they trashed Senator Clinton.

I must say, any woman who has field-dressed a moose, cleans the fish she hooked, has my support. She has many fine qualities to be admired, and it is obvious she truly loves the State of Alaska and America.

Media and political slugs never die; they just crawl out from beneath a new rock. Sometimes it's the same slugs from the same family, sometimes it's a "shirttail relative." But they're all "slugs" nonetheless. Viewers and listeners have an effective means of dealing with these media misfits who slant their coverage or conceal facts: they change the station.

Citizens recognize and despise the patronizing manner of media slugs. They hold them responsible for the political climate that promotes corruption, deceit, and injustice directed against an independent, assertive, woman, such as Gov. Palin. We listen to these media manipulators while we're losing our country.

Wake up America! Sleeping Beauty wins the prince, but doesn't save the country. Open your eyes to the real and ever-present dangers that are lurking at our doorsteps. The knock at your door won't be the Avon Lady. Many of these media misfits are running short of time to diligently report what really happens when government undermines the WILL of Citizens. BEWARE as a critical mass continues to grow this election cycle.

Governor Palin, you go girl. "Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels."

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