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Jan Herron

Just Say "No" to Amnesty
By Jan Herron
Apr 15, 2006 - 9:28:00 AM

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It's time to contact your Senators and just say "NO" to amnesty! Instead of asking $2,000 from each illegal alien to gain citizenship, let's give them a one-way airplane ticket to their country of origin. That's how we begin to deport these intruders who continue to invade our country on a daily basis. Our government will save billions of dollars in the long run.

You share your concern for the US and its citizens because of a President and a government who don't care that their indifference will send their beloved USA down the drain like scrubbing bubbles. You tell these friends and neighbors the need for all citizens to join the effort to save our country, because everyone has a usable talent in the effort. Everyone can write letters, send faxes/e-mails and make phone calls to elected officials. When you urge them to join your effort, their reply is a patronizing "I'm glad someone is doing something about this issue, keep up the good work."

Time for a hot news flash, Mr. and Mrs. America! A few good Americans are carrying your water, and they're the true American patriots who genuinely care about their country (it's yours too, by the way). Of course you should appreciate their "doing something." But what is your reason for refusing to do your part? Do you refuse to believe that illegal immigration is a threat to the US? Are you one of the elitists who pockets the profits from illegal immigration and shifts the tax costs to "the little people?" Do you support the Bush/McKain/Kennedy Shamnesty bill? Or is the answer that you just don't care?

If you object to the degradation of America and its citizens by the illegal immigration encouraged by this President and his appointed open-borders crowd, get off the couch and join the battle. The few cannot continue to fight the battle alone, and you have no right to expect them to.

Telemundo and Univision TV show Vicente Fox and his corrupt Mexican officials repeatedly criticizing US policy and demanding more concessions from the US. They use the large illegal Mexican population in the US as pretexts for meddling in Americans' business. Sly like a Fox tells his Mexican nationals living illegally in the US - "How can they get rid of us? There are too many of us here!"

Vincente Fox can openly brag that there are too many of "THEM" here, but Americans "can't talk about it." Letters to the Editor of major newspapers are either never printed or so heavily edited to be meaningless. Calls to talk radio shows on the subject are often cut off when the screeners learn your conversational subject: this government's refusal to enforce immigration laws.

Remember when businesses were staffed with courteous employees? Today, fast-food restaurants have "cheap-labor" employees speaking little or no English. Many are illegal aliens who still refuse to speak English after living in the US for 10+ years; these are the people George Bush has in mind for his shamnesty program.

Are you aware that your tax dollars pay for the destruction of America, both by attracting illegal aliens to the US and encouraging them to give birth to "jackpot babies" at taxpayer expense? How much of the higher birth rate of aliens in the US (legal and illegal) can be attributed to the "automatic citizenship" given to any baby born on US soil? Each of the estimated annual 300,000 jackpot babies is born at public expense and entitled to the complete welfare menu of cash payments, food stamps, housing subsidize and more. Because alien parents know their citizen baby makes their deportation very unlikely, these children are also called "anchor babies."

Because of this ludicrous policy, the US is flooded with alien parents producing "anchor babies" to insure their being able to remain in the country. More than anything else, this "auto-citizen by birth" policy must be eliminated. US citizenship is to be granted, not stolen.

Have any of you witnessed the decline of lifestyle in our Country? Have you noticed how trashed the once nice neighborhoods have become, with graffiti-sprayed walls? Have you waited in line at a hospital because an illegal alien is in front of you and the receptionist is calling for an interpreter? Is this the country you want your children and grandchildren to remember?

If that weren't enough, we now have California urging drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. Do you ever wonder who orchestrates their lunatic fringe causes? It ain't you and me folks. It is our corrupt government and the three amigos (Bush/McKain/Kennedy) are a driving force in this corruption.

After fifteen years of silence, Rush Limbaugh finally arrives like Mighty Mouse to save the GOP from conflict over the issue of illegal immigration. What about saving your country, Rush? Why "save the GOP" when they're no different from the Democrats; both wear the same sombrero. If the GOP has become irrelevant, it deserves to die.

What kind of government allows 20 million+ illegal aliens to camp out in our country and does nothing to stop the numbers from increasing? Who is in charge of running this country--George Bush or Vicente Fox? This is the United States of America...not the United States of Mexico! It's your country, do you care?

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Jan Herron
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