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Jan Herron

It's Time to Dethrone "The King of Amnesty"(Give Congressman Cannon the Voters Pink Slip)
By Jan Herron
Jun 22, 2006 - 11:44:00 AM

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Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah has shown absolutely no leadership whatever on the matter of immigration reform. During previous campaigns, we've heard "...if elected, I'll do it" or " are absolutely right about this issue and if elected, I will take a stand." Fast forward to his swearing-in day plus 6 months, and he has earned his failing grade, fair and square. For those who may not yet know, Cannon was an "honored guest" at the national conference of a major pro-illegal alien anti-American group, National Council of La Raza.

His voting grades on immigration issues are as follows:

  • Reducing Chain Migration ... F-
  • Reducing Foreign Worker Visas ... F-
  • Reducing Illegal Alien Amnesties ... F-

Have you ever worked for a political candidate, spent endless hours working on their campaign, contributed "big bucks" to them and finally voted for the candidate in hopes of changing our dysfunctional immigration policies, only to later review their performance and ask yourself "Why?"

Beginning with my first grade-school class in civics and government, I learned that Americans are governed by "We the people" who elect representatives to serve our interest by passing laws conforming with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. During the fifteen years-plus that I've been involved in the immigration reform movement, I've seen the exact opposite. Chris Cannon is one Congressman who places illegal aliens above American citizens.

Our elected offices at local, state, and national levels are over-populated with career politicians rather than leaders. These bums want nothing more than a second career after retirement and all the accompanying perks (specifically, a lucrative health and pension plan).

This election cycle, Americans must unite, do our homework on both incumbents and newly announced candidates. Candidates who are "new kids on the block" must be reminded that 'We the People' not only employ them but we will be watching and reporting their voting records. With the exception of a few good men in Washington and perhaps our local government, it's time to "throw the bums out."

The website publishes incumbents' voting records on immigration issues for all to see and Cannon has never made the "honor roll". These records show that most have done nothing more than mouth the same rhetoric while faithfully walking their Party Line which places Party before Country.

"We the People" know this SOP is wrong, yet we tolerate this crappolla election after election, returning the sames bums to local, state and federal office for years and even decades.

The arrogance of politicians such as Chris "King of Amnesty" Cannon has alienated Americans from politics and steered them away from our republican form of government. The country is fractured while American citizens refused to place their confidence in these "no can do" politicians. But what choice do Americans have, since they can't vote for candidates who aren't on the ballot?

More than any other time in our history, America needs leaders willing to take a bold public position on critical issues; leaders who set aside politics and payoffs. Americans will no longer sit idly on their hands while their country goes down the drain while they pay the tab.

Next Tuesday, Utah voters have a chance to "Dethrone the King." Even the Pillsbury Dough Boy would be a significant improvement over Cannon. Stop hesitating and "Just do It." It's time for Cannon to receive the voters pink slip.

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Jan Herron
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