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Jan Herron
Had Enough?
By Jan Herron
Jun 8, 2007 - 9:48:44 AM

Remember ... "The Save America Campaign" is alive and well!

Each day, more Americans become painfully aware of the continuing invasion of their country by criminal illegal aliens. They are transforming our once great nation into a third world country. We currently have a President and many members of Congress who are willing to give not only amnesty to these lawbreakers, but also American citizenship to the 20 million-plus illegal alien criminals over-running our country.

America calls for its citizens to "Take America Back" from crooks, lobbyists, and elected politicians who serve as corporate shills. Our legislators have become too arrogant in the belief that they can ignore the demands of "We the People." What better evidence of their arrogance than their insistence in passing S-1348 when opinion polls consistently showed only 24-28% of Americans supported the treasonous abomination.

These arrogant legislators are beyond redemption and must be voted out of office. Americans must think outside the box for alternative political candidates. The two major parties won't be part of the solution--they're the cause of the problem. Both the GOPs (Gang of Pimps, Politicos & Prostitutes) and the Demoncrats wear the same sombrero.

Americans were educated when our schools actually still taught us the Constitution know that the years of George Bush's "acquired power" hasn't changed his dependence on members of the House of Representatives to introduce his pet legislation. Unlike Senators such as Jon Kyl, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Sam Brownback, a significant number of House members are prepared to REFUSE to be "White House bag men."

Americans also know that our best hopes lie with House members who will listen to us because they must face re-election every two years; members like Tom Tancredo, Steve King, Ron Paul, Nathan Deal, Brian Bilbray, Duncan Hunter, Dana Rohrabacher, Elton Gallegly, James Sensenbrenner and many others. That George Bush manipulated the Republican Party to abandon the 2006 campaigns of solid conservatives like Randy Graf, J.D. Hayworth, Robert Vasquez, John Hostettler and others didn't escape our notice; it was another of George Bush's shenanigans that contribute to his less than 30% approval numbers.

Congressman Tom Tancredo has launched a campaign to stop the U.S. Senate from selling out our country by giving amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens - but he can't do it without your help. As always, Congressman Tancredo speaks nothing more than the plain and obvious truth on the illegal immigration issue.

Americans have HAD ENOUGH of illegal aliens being given our economic and natural resources while S-1348 "Best We Can Do Compromise" will dump the tab on law-abiding Americans. The Bush Administration who has refused to enforce our immigration laws are responsible for the overpopulation and urban sprawl that bankrupts every law-abiding American citizen and legal immigrant.

The push for AMNESTY will rear its ugly head real soon. Congressman Tancredo has issued a call for recruits; go to and enlist for "The Save America Campaign". We have a country to take back. Let's Roll!

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