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Jan Herron

Fire That Cannon (Born-Again Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah)
By Jan Herron
Jun 25, 2006 - 4:38:00 PM

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Well, well, well ... Congressman Chris "King of Amnesty" of Utah says he is against AMNESTY! Could it be he's talking about illegal immigration? Do tell us, Chris, why you are suddenly on board as the self-imposed champion of immigration reform while you still occupy the position of Vice Chairman on the U.S.-Mexico Congressional Caucus? One has to question if you are so intent on stopping the tidal wave of illegal aliens into this country, why you haven't joined Congressman Tancredo's Immigration Reform Caucus? Please spill the beans, inquiring minds want to know.

Could it be that what leads to your "important and ambitious agenda" regarding illegal immigration is the result of public humiliation on this serious issue launched by citizens of this country you took an oath to serve?

Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. The born-again congressman is now touting his new found position on the invasion of illegal aliens. As usual, he trashes Team America's Bay Buchanan but he can't hold a candle to America's No. 1 patriotic member of Congress, Tom Tancredo. Chris should know by now that he can't serve two masters.

Unfortunately, out of 435 congressional representatives, 101 are members of the Immigration Reform Caucus led by Tom Tancredo. That leaves 334 members who haven't stepped up-to-the-plate to maintain the sovereignty of this nation.

ACTION: Contact your representatives NOW...CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS and ask them to join this caucus. Be sure and get the name of the person in your representatives office (as some of them will not deliver a message). Also, you might wish to e-mail your representatives if they aren't afraid to list their e-mail address.

Listed below are members of Chris' US-Mexico Congressional Caucus and a description of its intent. All these representatives wear the same sombrero so it makes no difference with regard to party affiliation:

The U.S.-Mexico Congressional Caucus is a bipartisan group of House Members dedicated to improving the bilateral economic relationship between the United States and Mexico. With our nations sharing a 2,000-mile border and generating nearly $250 billion in bilateral trade, the Caucus will promote dialogue on the challenges and opportunities presented by our special relationship with Mexico. Through intergovernmental meetings, educational Congressional delegation visits, and roundtable discussions with leading members of the US and Mexican communities, the Caucus will focus special attention on the issues arising from the increasing integration of our two economies, and Mexico's importance as the second largest trading partner of the United States.

Membership List

Congressman David Dreier (R-CA), Co-Chair Congressman Charlie Stenholm (D-TX), Co-Chair Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA), Vice-Chair Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA), Vice-Chair Congressman Chris Cannon (R-UT), Vice-Chair Congresswoman Grace Napolitano (D-CA), Vice-Chair Congressman Henry Bonilla (R-TX), Vice-Chair Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), Vice-Chair Congressman Robert Matsui (D-CA) Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) Congressman Mark Souder (R-IN) Congressman Tom Udall (D-NM) Congresswoman Hilda Solis (D-CA) Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ) Congressman Charles Gonzalez (D-TX) Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX) Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Congressman Bob Beauprez (R-CO) Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) Congressman J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) Congressman Bob Filner (D-CA) Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA) Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (D-CA) Congressman Solomon Ortiz (D-TX) Congressman Steve Pearce (NM)

Note: Employers, when they discover an employee is failing to do his/her job, they document and then fire him/her.  Cannon is a documented (via his voting record), deadbeat employee (We the People being his employer). Worse, he is stealing from the till with his illegal alien agenda, not doing his job, but taking pay and accruing benefits. His job is to uphold the Constitution, Bill of Rights, It is long past time to Fire that Cannon! But remember to point the Cannon SOUTH and let's just hope he makes it over the Border!

Citizens of Utah have a chance to "FIRE THAT CANNON" and vote for a candidate who opposes illegal immigration on Tuesday, 27 June 2006. John Jacob is the candidate in Utah...unlike Chris Cannon who places illegal aliens above American citizens. It's time to retake our country from politicians such as Chris Cannon. We can no longer tolerate traitors, quislings and spineless sellouts who only work to destroy America. The state of Utah has a chance to make a difference. Just do it!

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Jan Herron
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