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Jan Herron

Elective Dysfunction 2008; Sovereign Nation USA at Risk from Inside
By Jan Herron
Jan 13, 2008 - 9:34:20 PM

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Have you noticed; Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards all quietly endorse amnesty and U.S. citizenship for the more than thirty million "nice undocumented immigrants" that have flooded our nation.

While Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Duncan Hunter tow-the-mark for Law-and-Order, along with Senators Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani (just lately) - Sen. John McCain & Gov. Mike Huckabee carefully evade mentioning the damage done to middle and low-income Americans, particularly families, by the illegal alien invasion.

It really is a foreign national invasion, you know. The more than 6,000 illegal aliens daily breaking into the U.S. equal a large brigade, and each month it's the equivalent of another large field army (180,000). That's more troops than we have in Iraq, or that landed in Normandy on D-Day in 1944!

McCain & Huckabee talk glibly about illegal immigration, but both fail to mention gigantic costs; the collapsing emergency rooms illegal aliens use for their FREE primary medical care, the public schools buckling to accommodate a FREE ride for their children, the ten percent of illegal aliens who are seasoned criminals, or the increasing tax burden benefiting illegal aliens forced on middle-income Americans - who gain nothing from this illegal alien invasion.

John McCain, a respected war hero, has changed his stripes - sounding more and more like a socialist. Senator McCain, the chameleon, never refers to the increasing social unrest that he promoted by ignoring the clear message of Americans in attempting to force us to accept his plan of amnesty for these illegal alien invaders. He now wants a debate that's "serious, humane, civil and conclusive."

But the majority of the electorate isn't fooled by this whining and sniveling either. He is cultivating future voters. We know that his call for "humanity" is aimed only at Americans who disagree with his illegal alien amnesty plan, and his real meaning is "Shut up, because I don't want to hear it." McCain didn't call for "civility" when 100,000 illegal aliens shut down the Chicago Loop (where Durbin & Obama reign) at Friday rush hour - waving their Mexican flags, demanding "rights" and telling Americans. "This is our land - go back to Europe."

It's an outrage that McCain would intentionally malign and defame American men and women whose only "offense" is publicly identifying and discussing the problem of illegal immigration as a historic national crisis.

Americans demand an acknowledgment and resolution of the illegal immigration issue, and have lost patience with candidates who repeatedly and arrogantly put aside their best interests in favor of big business and ethnic lobbies.

In 2008, we must give "the boot" and the "pink slip" to those candidates who refuse to listen to and represent "We the People." These worthless hacks are easy to recognize; unknowns don't achieve Presidential candidacy. Those candidates who ignore the electorate-majority voices have a clear track record of easily identified red flags:

*  These candidates refuse to call the invaders what they are - illegal aliens (the words in the U.S. laws).

*  Instead, they choose diluted, politically-correct and pandering terms like "undocumented migrants" and "unauthorized workers."

*  Examples include Senator John McCain, who prefers the term "illegal immigrant," in precise lock-step with George Bush's 2007 SOTU speech.

*  Similar panderers abound on the opposite side of the aisle: Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama are Democrats who parrot the snake oil pitch that illegal aliens are "migrants" who are valuable "citizens" of the U.S. - instead of the lawbreakers they are.

It is illegal (misdemeanor) to enter the U.S. lacking permission, and it is a crime (felony) to intentionally evade the mandatory inspection (documents, physical health and criminal background) while doing so.

Americans have had enough of illegal aliens being given our economic and natural resources - while politicians send the bill to law-abiding citizens, and the national debt soars. The President and Congress who have refused to enforce our immigration laws are responsible for the overpopulation and urban sprawl that bankrupts every law-abiding American citizen and legal immigrant. These politicians give "cheap labor" to big business and send the subsidy bill to taxpayers - while displacing U.S. citizens from their rightful jobs.

Let every cheap and pandering candidate beware that "Americans are mad as hell and we won't take it anymore!"

Americans have a beloved nation to save; do you care? We must avoid diluting our vote and negativism as we gather together to support a decent Law-and-Order candidate. Rep. Duncan Hunter, Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. Fred Thompson tow-the-mark for Law-and-Order, along with Mayor Rudy Giuliani (just lately).

© Copyright 2002-2013 by Magic City Morning Star

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Jan Herron
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Elective Dysfunction 2008; Sovereign Nation USA at Risk from Inside

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