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Jan Herron

EGOMEDIACS - 2008 Election
By Jan Herron
Jul 18, 2008 - 9:30:32 PM

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National politics is weird this year, with many trillion-dollar issues.  But nobody wants to talk about the giraffe in the living room.

With the exception of a few - many in the political arena just can't bring themselves to address the illegal immigration issue.  What's wrong with these politicians putting aside their pink-painted egos so their constituents can decide the topics they address?  The American public seeks to become informed on the primary issue facing their nation, and they're asking to be heard.

I urge those running for office to get with the program.  While the economy and energy are certainly exciting - it seems they hope to ignore the revitalized importance of illegal immigration as the #3 issue.  We're losing our country to an invasion of foreign nationals, lead by La Raza, advocating the armed overthrow of our southwest states; it's time for those in Washington to do their part to save it.

For those politicians asleep at the wheel who have no idea that illegal immigration has become a listener-demanded topic, here's how to bring yourselves up to snuff: use your computer, do a Google search by entering "illegal immigration."  You'll find literally thousands of news articles and commentary for educating yourselves.

Candidates and elected officials play a pathetically obvious game of hide-and-seek with "politically-incorrect" issues - fearing the label of "racist."  Their refusal to even address the real issues will increase their current reputation of failing to be politically forthright.  Folks, we're talking about the #3 issue facing this country.  Those lawmakers in Washington must listen to and follow their customers. or they'll lose them.

Surprise, surprise; those worldly politicians will soon find that speaking out truthfully can be quite liberating.

The electorate is very sensitive as of late.  Lack of respect for the hard work of these patriots gives "We-the-People" cause to conclude that the "writers" and "talkers" are as clueless as the political elite.  At the end of the day, these so-called "traditional neocon and progressive reporters" only damage themselves with their attacks on concerned citizens.

Business as usual is offending the not-so-silent majority.  Citizens who take the "politically correct" position on issues often have no other basis than hatred or envy of the Right. or a compulsion to shield those "power-drunk" elite with their pre-spun babble.

Most citizens know that biased newspapers and broadcast media control what passes for "government accountability," and have been betrayed by the news media too often in the past to trust them now.  Collusion has raised its ugly head.  As we learn of more "contracts" between "writers," "talkers" and "policiticians," what little credibility they have left continues to disappear.

Get a reality check, "writers" and "talkers," or you'll be displaced by new writers faster than an American, union-member construction worker loses his job to an illegal alien.

We must insist that "writers" and "talkers" continue to speak total truth. with public disclosure of the terminal corruption of so many government officials.  It's time to expand the circle of truth, and continue to show everyone the terminal corruption of so many of our government officials - as well as many of their "writer" and "talker" buddies.

"Writers" and "talkers" beware; you may continue your efforts to beat down American citizens, but we will outlast you. because we have the truth on our side and we have the citizenry on our side.  We've learned to use the technology of the Internet to learn what the "writers" and "talkers" won't discuss.

And all the while, the "writers" and "talkers" remain clueless; indeed, they never had it in the beginning.  They are trained to be sluggish.  Sluggish minds don't think outside the box; they think about making the box more comfortable.  This principle is not difficult to grasp.

Political slugs never die; they only crawl out from beneath a new rock.  Sometimes it's the same slugs from the same family, sometimes it's a "shirttail relative." But they're all "worms" nonetheless. Listeners have an effective means of dealing with "writers" and "talkers" who slant their coverage or conceal the facts: change the station.

Citizens recognize and resent their patronizing manner to their listeners. They hold them responsible for the political climate that promotes corruption, deceit, and injustice directed against honest citizens. We watch "writers" and "talkers" turn a blind eye while we're losing our country.

Wake up America! Sleeping Beauty wins the prince, but doesn't save the country. Open your eyes to the real and ever-present dangers that are lurking at our doorsteps. The knock at your door won't be the Avon Lady. Some "writers" and "talkers" are running short of time to diligently report what really happens when government undermines the WILL of Citizens.  BEWARE as the critical mass continues to grow this election cycle more than ever.

© Copyright 2002-2014 by Magic City Morning Star

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Jan Herron
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