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Jan Herron

A Minuteman Reflects on the Huckabee-Gilchrist Alliance
By Jan Herron
Dec 19, 2007 - 12:19:37 AM

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About four years ago, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Frank Jorge, Minuteman at the Unite to Fight Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Americans are truly blessed in knowing that there are a few honest, patriots left.

Frank is old-fashioned in another way - he's an "old-fashioned" immigrant. After arriving at age 7 from Cuba with his parents, he appreciates America in a way I never can. Unlike today's illegal aliens who demand their rights to free services for which legal Americans must pay, Frank learned English, adopted American customs and culture.

Frank is the poster boy that immigrant "advocates" tout is true of all "immigrants" but rarely is, especially for illegal aliens. Like many naturalized Americans, Frank is contemptuous of illegal aliens who openly show their disrespect for America by their very continued presence here.

Frank Jorge is one of those, a Minuteman who stands tall next to Congressman Tom Tancredo in defending America from the destruction and corruption caused by our dysfunctional leaders and candidates running for President.

We all know how difficult it was for Jim Gilchrist to turn a forgetful eye and amnesiac memory to Mike Huckabee's abysmal track record on immigration to endorse "The Huckster," we can be grateful that Jim Gilchrist stands alone. NO OTHER GROUP OF PATRIOTS FIGHTING ILLEGAL MIGRATION would even consider supporting Mike Huckabee, even on the pathetic "lesser of two evils" pretext.

Americans can be grateful that Frank Jorge didn't even consider tackling such a hypocritical task. Instead, he publicly expresses the widespread feeling of betrayal by Jim Gilchrist.

There's no doubt you'll join me and appreciate the sentiments Frank and Jane Jorge have allowed me to share with everyone: their answering the Minuteman call and their early memories of being Minutemen defending America's borders.



In 2005 my wife and I left our home in California to join Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox in Arizona for the first border watch by American citizens fed up with our governments failure to end illegal immigration.

Before we reached Arizona we had heard President Bush declare us all to be "vigilantes". It was for us a disheartening, maddening moment that darkened our outlook on the venture that we were about to undertake.

When we entered the hall where the meeting was being held to my surprise and utter joy I recognized congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

I knew Tom Tancredo as being a person who stood with us in our desire to put an end to the occupation of our country by foreign nationals here illegally.

We listened intently to all the excellent speakers present but it was Tancredo's speech that brought us out of the depths of despair with his strong, positive, and compassionate message. I felt reinvigorated and ready for our first patrol. Tom Tancredo had worked a miracle for those of us who were fortunate enough to have heard him speak.

Mike Huckabee wasn't there standing with us. He was busy championing the cause of education for illegal aliens and other pro-illegal alien activities that he involved himself in.

Mike Huckabee didn't show up to help Jim Gilchrist when he was running for office in California either, it was again Tom Tancredo who was there to help Jim out just as he had in Arizona.

On numerous occasions Tom Tancredo stood with Jim Gilchrist and with all of us in venues where our safety was in doubt.

I was watching TV recently and I saw the video of Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, the man who galvanized the first border watch with one famous email and I was floored by the ugliness of it all. Mike Huckabee, an impostor, received Jim Gilchrist's backing and as I took it all in I grew disgusted and a sense of betrayal came over me.

Approximately one night later, I saw bits of the Presidential debate and I heard Tom Tancredo, the man who most deserved to receive the backing of any Minuteman group ask Huckabee what he would do to assure the American people that he would indeed do the right thing with illegal immigration. If Huckabee had expressed himself candidly he would have probably said, "Tom I intend to lie to every American regarding the issue of illegal immigration because I want to be president".

I cannot even begin to imagine how Tom must have felt after all his hard work with the Minutemen. Tancredo put up with a great deal of abuse and threats because he had aligned himself with us. Because he believed in our mission and now there before him, anointed by none other than Jim Gilchrist himself, was Mike Huckabee, a counterfeit American dedicated to the security of illegals against the wishes and well being of the American people.

If ever there was a moment of "the unacceptable" it was the day that Mr. Gilchrist turned his back on a true patriot, Tom Tancredo, and embraced Huckabee, the liar, and gave him the backing that should have been bestowed upon Tom Tancredo.


Frank Jorge
Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen

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Jan Herron
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