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Jan Herron

APLD (Acute Party Loyalty Disorder)
By Jan Herron
Jul 1, 2007 - 10:29:47 PM

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Every Sunday evening our family tunes into the Terry Anderson Show for his Los Angeles-based weekly commentary on the outrages of illegal immigration that is unapologetic, unabashed and proudly politically incorrect. It can be accessed via the Internet at, Los Angeles station KRLA, 870 AM or a variety of local stations throughout the country.

Contact your cable TV station to insist that they practice the "Fairness Doctrine" by including Terry Anderson's show to speak for common-sense Americans against the media's usual "open borders" selections like Juan Hernandez and his fellow open-borders racist re-treads.

On a recent Sunday evening broadcast, Terry powered up by awarding "This Week's Most Horriblest Clown" to Senator Trent "Bagman" Lott (R-MS). Along with many of his fellow "R" senators, Lott suffers from APLD (Acute Party Loyalty Disorder). Rather than political parties being directed by their grassroots voters, Lott and his fellow APLD-ers believe that Americans should receive their "gospel" from political parties. But not all were so cocky and complacent as the Trentser as to articulate resentment and aggravation at being held accountable to American voters with his arrogant whining and sniveling that "talk radio is running America."

Politicians afflicted with APLD don't want you listening to talk radio where you might hear ideas that disagree with the Party Line, and they especially don't want you passing such "heresy" on to them in your phone calls, faxes and e-mails. Whether an "R" or "D" follows their name, their first loyalty is to their party, not to their country and certainly not to their constituents. Their disease is highly contagious and is spreading to politicians across the country at the city, state and federal levels.

Like "Typhoid Mary" of the last century, there are politicians notorious for infecting others: Michael ("Dual Citizenship") Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary, Carlos ("I Love Corporations") Gutierrez, Commerce Secretary, Senator Mel ("Yo Hablo Espanol in Congress") Martinez, (R-FL), Senator Dingy Harry ("Amnesty for All") Reid (D-NV), Senator Ted "Jalisco, Jalisco" Kennedy (D-MA), Sen. John ("How Great I Am") McCain, Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty (R-SC), Senator Dianne ("I Do Not Support Illegal Immigration") Feinstein (D-CA), Senator Jon ("Thirty Pieces of Silver") Kyl (R-Az) and Senator "Sanctuary Ken" Salazar (D-CO) are only a few of the most notorious. Advanced stages include political corruption, evidenced when elected officials place loyalty to party interests and/or their OWN PERSONAL interests before loyalty to America.

Citizens who oppose the giveaway of America know that enforcement of existing laws is the answer: existing laws prohibit and punish employers who hire illegal aliens and slum-lords who pack apartment buildings with illegal foreign invaders. Without jobs for money to live and housing to reside, illegal aliens would be forced to leave of their own volition. What could be more cost-effective than for illegal aliens to be forced to pay their own costs of repatriations, saving American taxpayers the cost of deporting them? The solution even has a name: SELF DEPORTATION!

Wake Up Americans and smell the fajitas! Recognize that the invasion by invitation continues daily. During recent months when adoption by the US Senate of "comprehensive immigration reform" seemed inevitable, the stream of illegal alien invaders crossing the US-Mexican border became a tidal wave. Every illegal alien invader was determined not to miss out on their "Jorge Boosh Z-Visa."

Just as our ancestors have done before us, Americans must recognize that protecting our country from these invaders is a lifetime commitment. Illegal immigration, the gift that keeps on giving, will only stop when our borders are closed and US immigration laws are stringently enforced. America has fed and defended the rest of the world, but has overlooked the need to defend their own country.

The best solution is that Bush and his bag-men recognize that needs of Americans carry first and sole priority over the demands of Americans' enemies. Americans need not apologize for insisting that our own interests and needs come first. The key is that Americans educate themselves on which elected officials are afflicted with APLD and vote from office those self-serving political hacks. This process is undeniably "do-it-yourself" because the information won't come from the printed or broadcast news media.

Luckily, the educational resource is readily available on the NumbersUSA website at where political incumbents' career voting records on the immigration issues are readily found by clicking "Congressional Voting Records" on the right side-bar. The research shows undeniably that most current incumbents are political puppets or bag-men who have parroted ad nauseum tired old rhetoric while towing the Party Line as established by either the White House or the Democratic National Committee. Whether these hacks have an "R" or "D" following their name makes no difference--the Party Line places Party loyalty before loyalty to the Constitution and their Oath of Office. You will know the carriers of APLD by their voting record.

"We the People" know this SOP is at the root of Americans' troubles, yet we aid and abet this nation-destroying disease election after election, returning the same bag-men to local, state and federal office year after year and decade after decade. APLD-infected politicians' arrogance alienates Americans from participation in the political process, and yet that same alienation enables these politicians to continue their elitist behavior.

America is fractured because American voters refused to place their confidence in these "it's the best we can do" politicians, but staying home on election day while telling themselves they're "teaching the politicians a lesson" are not only kidding themselves, they're also contaminating themselves with APLD. Whether citizens unquestioningly vote a straight Party ticket or "boycott" the polls is all the same to APLD politicans; their only fear is independent-thinking voters.

Independent-thinking voters don't allow themselves to be limited by thoughts like "But what choice do Americans have because we can't vote for candidates who aren't on the ballot?"

First, confront these candidates and demand that they take a position on critical issues. APLD politicians won't take a position on anything if they can avoid it, so voters must eliminate that option. For the 2008 presidential campaign, Americans are forcing candidates (especially Republicans) to state their views on immigration, both legal and illegal. Those same Americans can easily recognize APLD answers; "immigration is a federal responsibility" no longer gets a state or local candidate off the hook.

More than any other time in our history, Americans must demand leaders willing to take a bold public position on critical issues; leaders who set aside politics and payoffs. Americans must show these politicians that we will no longer sit idly by paying the tab while self-serving politicians sell our country out from us. From the day politicians take the Oath of Office to serve and protect the Constitution, Americans must make clear that the oath means placing American citizens' interests and safety above illegal aliens.

Americans must recognize that "We the People" means that not only power but also responsibility lies with those who cast votes. While Washington DC, state and local politicians weren't elected to be political whores for sale to the highest bidder, employees of any business will be lazy and complacent if their employers allow it.

"We the People" don't have the big money and big influence of special interests. We must be ready, willing and able to use most effective tool against APLD: the "voters' pink slip."

Americans need not feel compelled to engage in the same anarchistic third-world behavior as illegal aliens who crippled major American cities with their mass marches to "demand our rights."

That conduct during the spring of 2006 not only branded its practitioners as sub-standard and inferior, it infuriated Americans. Those same furious and outraged Americans created a powerful backlash that defeated amnesty legislation for two consecutive years, and made liars out of leaders who promised their illegal aliens "this is the year for amnesty."

Americans who constantly cite the need to "mount a counter-protest" should know by now that the deluge of phone calls that shut down Senate phone switchboards on overload spoke much louder and more effectively than all the Mexican flags waved in American streets. Our voices were heard without marching, protesting, shouting obscenities or hate-filled slogans like "White America is old and it's their duty to die."

We did it with the telephone. That Senators heard was evidenced by complaints to the press of political hacks like George Bush's Bagman-In-Chief, Senator "Judas Jon" Kyl of Arizona with his whining and sniveling that "both I and my staff have learned new words from my constituents." I suspect one of those "new words" included "traitor," "betrayer," and "sellout."

Kyl heard another message from his Arizona constituents: When they said "no amnesty or forgiveness" they meant conniving politicians as well as illegal aliens. An oft-repeated message to Kyl was "We won't forget this."

And if Kyl (or any other APLD senator) doubts it, I'm sure the reminders will come quickly and liberally. Stay tuned!

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Jan Herron
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