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Jack L. Key

Who Cares if the World Loves Us or Not
By Jack L. Key
Dec 14, 2007 - 11:05:36 PM

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Some writers and reporters have written glowing reports lately about the recent NIE Report and how it has enhanced our standing in the world's eyes.

They happily tell us that if a democrat is elected president in 2008 the world will stop "hating" us and embrace us again. They gloat over how the NIE Report has shown the world just how wrong the Bush Administration was in its judgement of poor little ol' Iran, and how perfect our recent intelligence "estimate" is.

Do tell. And when was the last time the world "loved" us?

Yes, the world dislikes George Bush because he is a tough guy. Hard to pull the wool over his eyes. Either by American leftists and media or the rest of the world. He gave us all a new strength of character and courage after 9/11, but the liberals and democrats couldn't stand it. Even before the rubble of the World Trade Center stopped smoking, Sen. Joe Biden was crying that Mr. Bush had betrayed the "sympathy" of the rest of the world. Ted Kennedy and liberal media gurus screamed President Bush had "squandered" the world's newfound love for us.

France and Germany were writing pretty words in their papers about America. But what did they say after we buried our dead? When we asked them to help us catch or fight the murdering Muslim jihadists that pulled off the coward's attack that put 3,000 murdered Americans in their graves? Every nation in the world said take it to the UN. And we did. The "world community" finally supported a UN resolution that gave us the go ahead to fight our own battles. And theirs.

Big deal.

The UN hasn't "loved" us since we tricked them into a Security Council resolution that began the communist fight in Korea. The world hasn't loved us since the Marshall Plan after World War Two that rebuilt Europe, and Gen. McArthur's costly scheme for revitalizing Japan. But by 1948 the world hated us again for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan and ending the war. The Europeans especially hated us until we gave up their war debt to us for billions of dollars in loans or provided to them in military equipment.

No one ever asked what they might do for us, then or now.

When the Cold War began its early chill in 1949 Europe cried they were going to be overrun again by the Russian threat unless we protected them, and they would love us if we provided that protection. We spent billions each year on our nuclear umbrella for Europe and Asia and their conventional defenses until 1991 when the Soviet Union went down. All of a sudden, the world "hated" us again. We were warmongers and only wanted their Mideast oil.

It is not important that the world loves us. Or even likes us. When they do, it either costs us huge sums of taxpayer money, or horrendous losses in human lives saving them from themselves in their wars. We have been the world's patsy and crying towel for so long the liberals and democrats have not yet learned how to govern responsibly without a world crisis appearing or something else occurring we can be blamed for. Now they want to take us down that long road again?

Let's stop and think a moment, look at a little history.

In 1912, Woodrow Wilson was elected president . A democrat. He took the USA into World War One in his second term. Bloody mess. In 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president. A democrat. Took us into World War Two in his second term. The world's greatest horror-to date.

Harry Truman succeeded Roosevelt in 1945. A democrat. Took us into the nuclear age and into the Korean War. After a bloody fight and truce, we are still legally at war there. In 1960 John F. Kennedy was elected president. A democrat. The Cuban Missile Crisis appeared (and illegal immigration seriously began) and he took us into Vietnam.

Lyndon Johnson, a democrat, succeeded Kennedy in 1963, and kept us in Vietnam until 1973 with 58,000 dead, then President Richard Nixon, a republican, finally ended it. In every major world conflict since 1912, democrats have either helped instigate it or have taken the American people into it. Is that a record to be proud of, and one that we want to continue?

In each of these century-spanning world horrors just described, the world hated us before they needed us, and then involved us. In each case, Americans solved the crisis and returned the world to itself. We didn't keep a single grain of sand that didn't already belong to us. We didn't ask for repayment. And the world loved us. For awhile.

But when our nation was viciously and methodically attacked by a group of inhuman religious vermin, we couldn't get one full division of military assistance from the entire world, save Great Britain, for our armed forces in the fight against religious terrorism. Now the world, including Britain, has all but withdrawn the soldiers they sent and left us to finish the job. As usual.

To tell you the truth, I'm afraid to have the world "love" us again. It will surely cost us dearly. And I'm more afraid to have another socialist democrat for president.

Jack L. Key is an author and writer and lives in Tennessee. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and a retired healthcare professional. Contact him at:

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Jack L. Key
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