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Jack L. Key

State of the Union: Christmas 2007
By Jack L. Key
Dec 6, 2007 - 12:51:23 AM

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Let's think for a moment; what IS the state of our union?

Like most of us, I've been taken by the upcoming season of Christmas, and have been thinking of the reasons we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ, and the end of another year. And when you reach my ripening age, ending another year is reason for some serious thought.

But in reading the news and some newsletters this morning, I came on some comments made by the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in his weekly newsletter. One of his items was a discussion of a race-based state in Hawaii. It seems Nancy Pelosi and some other extremists in the House have cooked up a bill that will establish a native, race-based government in Hawaii not subject to the constitution. The House has approved a bill called the Native Government Reorganization Act and sent to the Senate for approval.

Can this be true, I thought? But yes, after checking the House bills, there it was, staring me in the face. Is this the United States House of Representatives? Can we be tearing down what so long and so many have strived for? Have we come to this in our swing towards socialism in this country? After 231 years of organizing, fighting and dying for the world's largest democracy are we nothing but a group of dissatisfied, aggrieved, competing and angry separate races? And now we want to establish race-based governments for our states? Will Alaska be next? Or Florida? Or Texas?

Senator Lamar Alexander, the senator who represents my state of Tennessee has introduced a bill that gives charities protection from lawsuits brought by our own government against them should they require their employees to speak English. But anti-English extremists in the House, led by Speaker Pelosi, are trying to block this bill.

USA vs. John Q. Citizen for speaking English? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Last I heard, the United States of America was an English speaking, God fearing, Christian country, established by constitutional government that provided for others to seek citizenship. Only then can they share in freedoms of speech, religion, press, and protections from unauthorized search and seizure by the government, the right to an open trial and to be considered innocent until proven guilty, among others.

Is this the democratic congress liberals, leftists, socialists and Bush haters elected? It sure is folks.

And that's not all. Currently the democratic controlled congress is withholding funding for troops in Iraq and elsewhere in harm's way purely as an act of desperation and anger for our troops succeeding in battle. Meanwhile, your sons and daughters may die for lack of support from their own elected congress. Now congress wants you to elect a democrat as president next year. And then re-elect them again later. Baloney.

This is the current state of our union?

I am disgusted with red and blue politics in this country. I am angry with a senseless congress that will use race as its basis to make laws or change governments. I'm tired of hearing about "separation of church and state". There is NO such wording in our constitution. I'm sick of hearing about who or why someone should speak English. That’s nothing but a childish argument, meant to be discussed by 3rd graders. English IS our national language, period. Most of all, I'm sick, tired, disgusted and angered by the ongoing discussions of race, and of using ethnicity as a basis for idiotic bills to break apart our union by entertaining silly thoughts of providing a racial government inside a government. Hogwash.

We're bombarded by "race inspired" TV commercials, programming and news and late-night gurus clamoring for "equal time" because of race. We're overwhelmed by newspaper and magazine advertisements that portray as many black models as white - or brown -- or yellow, blah, blah, blah. Look out! Herrrrre's Jesse!! (Jackson, that is.

Are blacks still a minority in this country? Four, possibly five states have as many Hispanics and blacks as whites in their populations. For 45 years now the government has been pouring taxpayer dollars into programs and pockets that provide "minority equality". Has anyone bothered to read the data from the 2000 census?

Look, it's simple. This is OUR country. Not theirs, his or mine. It belongs to all of us. If you are a citizen. Yeah, big if. Since the Revolutionary war, Civil war, Mexican war, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam and now the various Wars on Terror, Americans have fought and died for this country and for all the others in the world who couldn't fight for themselves, alone. My family and me included.

While history tells us the country was founded by white, English speaking men, and its wars were fought by a vast majority of white, English speaking men, they did not do it alone, nor did they establish or save the country only for themselves. All races are represented in our history and our wars for peace. The country was built for them. But when anyone tries to force us, steal from us, sneak unfounded laws on us, or attempts to dissolve this mighty union, woe be to him or her.

And that, unfortunately, is the state of the union this Christmas.



Jack L. Key is the author of the new novel Gideon's Trumpet and a retired health care professional and U.S. Navy veteran. He is also a freelance writer for both print and electronic media. Contact him at;

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Jack L. Key
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