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Jack L. Key

Recent Happenings According to the Associated Press
By Jack L. Key
Apr 19, 2008 - 11:41:12 PM

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Each evening about 7:30 PM I make a point to go to my computer and read the news stories and headlines put up by my Internet provider on their Start Page. The news is provided by that great American bastion of journalistic truths, the Associated Press, better known as the AP.

Here are the headlines of a few of the leading stories as posted by the AP reporters recently:

Murtha Says McCain Too Old For Presidency

Obama Reports Income of $4.2 million In 2007 Tax Returns

Obama, Clinton Debate as Pennsylvania Primary Looms Large

Ex-President Jimmy Carter to Meet Again With Hamas in Egypt

Cleveland Zoo Researchers Find Rare Giant Turtle in Vietnam

The Obama income story provides some interesting information. Seems B. Hussein Obama and wife gave about $35,000.00 to CARE as a charitable gift. They only gave a meager $240,270.00 to charity all told. The balance of $205,270 was to the Trinity United Church of Christ (you know, the "Wright" church) and the United Negro College Fund. His two books brought in about $4 million total, AP said.

Funny. People pay that much to read that trash? Ann Coulter called "Dreams From My Father" Obama's "Mein Kampf." I read it, too (a borrowed copy) so I could speak and write about it.

Obama, during the Pennsylvania Debates, also was forced to defend his friendship with Weather Underground member William Ayers who never apologized for a series of bombings he did in the 1970's. "I never regretted setting bombs," Ayers said. During his defense, Hussein Obama compared Ayers to pro-life Republican Senator Tom Coburn who has said the death penalty might be appropriate for those who committed certain abortions. Obama doesn't agree.

Sen. Coburn is a practicing physician who has dedicated his life to protecting the sanctity of life. He has delivered approximately 4,000 babies in his career. Never set a bomb or committed an abortion murder, either. Seems as though Obama loves to compare apples and oranges when it suits his defense of consorting with terrorists like Ayers and hate-mongering racists like Jeremiah Wright.

Even the liberal columnist "Mighty" Maureen Dowd zinged Obama's "elitism" remarks and those about Pennsylvania working class people he made to a lot of rich folks in San Francisco recently. Wow!

But $4.2 million is chicken feed compared to Lady Hillary and Bill's $20.4 million income in the same period. Most of that, AP said, was from people listening to Bill's speeches and both capitalizing on some "lucrative" business ventures. That much, huh? And they had to take the White House furniture with them when they left, too?

People didn't hear enough talking from ol' Bill during his term? "I did not have sex with that woman." Blah, blah, blah.

All this goes to show that even socialists love money when it's theirs. And they keep it, too. But when its taxpayer dollars, boy, are they quick to tax and spend, spend and tax, etc, etc, etc.

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) says McCain is too old to serve as our president. Murtha, the ex-jarhead marine who accused his fellow U.S. marines last year (The Haditha Marines) of murder in Iraq before all the facts were known, is 75.

He's 3 years older than I am, and 4 years older than McCain and still in the U.S. House collecting taxpayer salaries and mouthing off. He's probably the most hated turncoat marine in history by military veterans and active duty alike. A real "Sunshine Patriot." I've not seen Murtha's military record, but I'd say it was a bit shy of Senator McCain's.

A jerk like Murtha would say President Lincoln was too dumb, Washington too elitist, Kennedy was a catholic and Reagan was too old as well. Democrats in the mold of Murtha, Pelosi and Reid hopefully will be purged in the next elections, and Congress will then have some direction and leadership.

In the highly publicized Democratic Presidential Debates in Pennsylvania, Clinton revised her latest assessment and said Obama could win against McCain. Obama also returned the favor and said he thought Clinton could win against McCain. Let's hope they follow their usual assessments and are both wrong.

Watching and listening to Democrats debate is like watching an old silent movie. Lots of lip and jaw movement but nothing of substance comes out.

Clinton also said she would provide a "massive" response if Iran attacked Israel. Obama said he'd take "appropriate action" if it occurred, whatever that means. Meanwhile, the looney tune President of Iran was making another statement on 9/11. He said the "building collapsed, and the U.S. didn't publish the names of any who died." Very suspect, he said

No wonder we should be afraid of this guy. Better make him an offer he can't refuse.

As for democratic ex-president Carter meeting again with Hamas killers and terrorists, this time in Egypt, did anyone expect less from this meddling peanut farmer who feels he has the liberty to do whatever whenever he wishes?

Finally, some Cleveland Zoo researchers have found a rare giant turtle in Vietnam. Maybe we need to hire these guys to find all our missing servicemen killed and lost in that junkyard of a country. So far, neither the government of the U.S. or commie Vietnam have had much luck.

Well, the turtle story shows that finally something positive came from the last big democrat fiasco in Vietnam that cost us 58,000 Americans dead and thousands more wounded.

Speaking of Vietnam, as that old liberal Walter Cronkite of CBS television news used to say after showing 30 minutes of horrific pictures of American GI's being maimed and killed in our living rooms:

"And that's how it is this day in history..."

Jack L. Key is the author of "Gideon's Trumpet", a novel of peace and war in the 21st century, a political writer and retired health care professional. He is also a veteran of U.S. Naval Aviation. Contact him at:

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Jack L. Key
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