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Jack L. Key

More Loony Tunes and Other Oddities, Lies and Nursery Rhymes
By Jack L. Key
Apr 8, 2008 - 8:59:37 AM

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Every year they get more hilarious and foolish. More jerky tales from more jerky people who are either so ignorant or so power-hungry they must invent - or reinvent - more idiocies for us to digest with our politics and presidential campaigns.

I don't mean to belittle our traditions of democratic elections - far from it. But every year at this time the Loonies seem to rise to the occasion and give us some concerns - and even some chuckles. And they are just not limited to the USA, although we do seem to have an endless supply of assorted nuts.

We're awfully good at idiocy in this country, and not limited to presidential campaign lunacy, either. The mainstream media is noted for its maniacal left-wing frenzies that go to any lengths, including forgetting facts and other truths, to get their favorites elected. Remember CBS's Dan Rather and the New York Times "funny" stories?

This year our first Loony Tune and Oddity is from B. Hussein Obama, the wannabe Presbyterian and black presidential candidate whose pastor is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. For 20 long years, Obama tells us, he has sat in church and not heard or listened to his pastor speak.

Now Wright does not just speak, he screams and shouts out his hate messages of racism and anger at America that everyone else outside the church HAS heard. Yet, even though he hasn't heard the speeches, Obama is quick to tell us that his preacher is just black and frustrated, and that's why he hates us all.

That says an awful lot about Obama himself, doesn't it?

Our second Loony Tune and Nursery Rhyme comes from - yes, you guessed it, that great American tribunal of left-wing blather and other selected boondoggles, TIME magazine, that along with the New Yorker, fancy themselves as the socialist conscience of America.

Everyone knows that getting your mug placed squarely and close-up on TIME's cover is the equivalent of heaven for the entire politically correct crowd, Washington insiders, political hacks, Bush haters, Central and South American Dictators, Hollywood and TV types, enemies of America, Jihadists and the CIA, to name just a few.

Now please welcome former Kremlin gremlin, Russian President and now Minister-to-be Vladimir Putin as Time's latest honoree for last year's Person of the Year.

This selection fits well with the socialists at TIME, and will provide the magazine the perfect opportunity and platform to promote its favorite democrat-socialist candidate for president in the upcoming elections in this country.

TIME, Inc. is one of those mega-media empires that want readers to think of the namesake as the little home-town magazine, fighting for recognition in the endless maze of so-called American journalism.

There was a period long ago that description may have fit the magazine. Not so now. If whatever has American tradition or American roots, TIME will do its best to destroy it. TIME, like all journalistic big boys who have outgrown their britches, took capitalism at its word and made millions. Then, like all turncoats, it cut off the hand that fed it for so long, and turned to socialism, even communistic leanings in some of its writings.

So now, for reasons unknown to the rest of us, and impossible for even the editors and "journalists" at TIME to explain, they choose the man who sent the first shipment of uranium to Iran, signed a military pact with China and recently threatened us as his missile targets again. None other than good ol' Vlad, the protector of Islam, President of Russia and the U.S. President's friend.

Or so George Bush thought.

Then there's the Loony Tune Lie from Lady Clinton concerning her "misspokes" about her trip to Europe. Seems the firefight battle was typically just her imagination, and it was a fun-time street party instead. Oh, well. Now we all see why the Clintons earned - what was it - $109 mil from speaking engagements? They want us to believe they paid millions in legal costs when he left office, broke, he said then, and yet they made over 100 million in such a short time, and she can lend 5 mil to her campaign?

Where DID they make so much money? And who would pay to hear Bill Clinton?

Every election year it seems I almost wear my fingers to the bone writing about politicians and other assorted weird Loony Tunes stories that our democracy, western traditions and human rights freedoms bring about. This is just a few from this year. There are many more out there. Just look and you will find. I've even thought about compiling all my past and present Loonies into a book?


Who'd believe Obama wears the US flag pin in his lapel? Or that Times Square was once New Amsterdam’s garbage dump? Or that Vlad the lad was once the fad of the KGB's elimination boys? Or that Osama bin Laden was once a good Saudi Arabian horse trader?



Jack L. Key is an author and political writer who lives in Tennessee. He is also a US Navy aviation veteran and retired healthcare professional. Contact him at:

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Jack L. Key
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