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Jack L. Key

Happenings ...
By Jack L. Key
Feb 4, 2008 - 10:17:16 AM

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I read a letter in a Letters to the Editor section appearing in the Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel on Friday, February 1 that shook me to my senses about this presidential campaign and election.

From a reader named T.P. Flenniken, the letter was headed "Candidates Should Wear American Colors," and I quote in entirety:

"I see Barack Obama on TV every day saying we need a change. I remember early in his campaign he said he absolutely would not display the U.S. flag emblem on his lapel. Who in their right mind would vote for a candidate running for the highest office in the country and commander in chief of our armed forces who refuses to acknowledge the very colors he or she stands for?"

"I have noticed that only one of the other top five wears the flag. The only change Obama needs is red, white and blue. I could not imagine our president meeting with leaders of other countries not proudly displaying our colors."

The letter writer has said much in a short space. We all need to find this kind of courage and speak the truth about the presidential candidates in this election year.

I say Barack Obama is a born and bred Black Muslim and a political socialist running as a democrat. He won't wear the flag because he detests it. He has no experience or talent or skill for being president, lacks honor and will say and do whatever is necessary to win the democratic nomination. Like many blacks, he thinks white Americans will vote for him because he is black, and that black Americans will do the same. He is correct in that respect. Many white Americans, especially liberal democrats, confuse racial freedom with political freedom.

We must face reality and accept the fact that change, for the sake of change only, is no change at all.

Simply because Obama is of a minority race does that mean he could or should become president? Because he confuses liberalism with potent socialism is that a reason otherwise politically intelligent and patriotic Americans should give him benefit of doubt? Simply because he denies being a Muslim, despite being born of Muslims and bred a Muslim, does that mean he isn't? Those of you who were, like me, adults in the 1960's and '70's will recognize Black Muslims for what they were then and what they still are today. For blacks, they defied the teachings of Martin Luther King and called for murdering all white Americans. For whites, they bred the resentment and suspicion of blacks that is still present today in America.

The only racist in this presidential election season is Barack Obama. He said so in South Carolina after winning the democratic primary there. "This is what race can do," he said.

As for the other democratic candidate, anyone past the age of 10 years should know about Hillary Clinton - and her husband. We must first understand there are a number of citizens who will vote for Clinton because of her gender, just as Obama will garner votes because of his race.

If there are enough uninformed Americans who make it to the polls, Clinton or Obama have a chance. If elected, Clinton will wreck the economic and political grounds that keep America strong. She is vindictive, and has indicated that she will "stick it to 'em" for what the country did to husband Bill Clinton by impeaching him. She will subject the U.S. to foreign economic and military domination. She has built a campaign of lies, and has much in common with Obama, despite this so-called "discourtesy" issue the media and her campaign has played up with him.

Hillary Clinton has never told the truth about her anti-war and anti-U.S. activities and associations with groups plotting against America in the late 1960's and 1970's. Don't expect her to now. She is a lawyer after all. She will simply deny everything and no one will seriously challenge her versions.

Clinton is a darling of college students and young adults who don’t - or won't - question her, and who believe her socialist agenda because it is their own, and what they have been taught consistently in our schools and universities. America has failed her children, and we will all reap the whirlwind. Socialism, not capitalism or patriotism has been taught in academia since the 1960's. It may well be too late now to save the country from this evil.

John Edwards is probably an honest man, as well as John McCain and Mitt Romney. And there are several other choices for us in the party conventions and upcoming elections.

When George Washington was unanimously elected the first President of the United States in 1789, he had already proven himself as an American patriot and able man by serving as commander in chief of the Continental Army and protecting the population from attacks by Great Britain and winning our freedoms. He "presented himself with the help and grace of God" to the American people in body and soul even though he really didn't want the job and felt others could do it better.

Can any current candidate, with the possible exception of John McCain, a former Navy combat pilot and prisoner of war in Vietnam and a U.S. Senator, present themselves in a similar manner to the American people?

Race and gender have absolutely nothing to do with anyone's qualifications for president. Honor, experience, love of country, respect for its laws and constitution, belief in God and the intentions of our founders, and the willingness to protect the country and its citizens at any cost from any enemy are the character traits, courage and qualifications we should all look for in the country's next president. Party affiliation and political platform is always a secondary consideration.

A liberal newspaper editor said recently in an editorial "Politics is an honorable and, in a democracy, essential calling and at the pinnacle of that field is the American presidency."

Don't forget it, America.



Jack L. Key is a U.S. Navy aviation veteran and author of Gideon's Trumpet, a novel of war and peace in the 21st century. He writes political commentary and features articles for both the Internet and prints media. Contact him at:

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Jack L. Key
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