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Jack L. Key

Carter's Folly: Dancing With Hamas
By Jack L. Key
Apr 15, 2008 - 11:39:25 AM

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Well, Jimmy Carter is at it again. Now he's in the Middle East, meeting with the terrorists Hamas, embarrassing his country and angering Israel. Carter is a former President of the United States of America. No matter how regretful that may be, it is a fact.

Once again it is CNN and the AP that provides the soapbox for this democrat ex-president to make his ridiculous statements and accusations against his own country while meddling in the affairs of Israel and other countries. Now he has met with Hamas terrorists and killers and has a nice little set-down tete-a-tete' with them.

Where is "Acid" Ann Coulter when you need her?

I'm embarrassed by these absurd statements from the one man who allowed terrorism to gain a foothold in the world 30-odd years ago. He then blatantly encouraged it by allowing America to be held hostage for months on end by an old fool in a black robe and turban in Iran.

Can this be the same man provided a free education by the taxpayers at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD? The naval officer fawned over by Admiral Rickover? And the same officer I served with in the naval service? Is this my next door fellow Southerner? The same Georgia peanut farmer with the toothy smile who walked down Pennsylvania Avenue without riding in an armored car as a newly sworn U.S. President?

And to my eternal shame, the same man I voted for in the 1970's when I was a young democrat?

My father once told me if I didn't have anything good to say about someone, then say nothing. That old fashioned good advice seems a bit trite today. If my father were alive he would not recognize the foreign country we live in now, anyway. But I feel compelled to vent my anger at Mr. Carter, who certainly is old enough to know better than to consort with terrorists. At best, he avoided beheading or being strung up by his -er, toes and skinned.

This embarrassing meddling by Carter should not be given the stature of a response by President Bush or the Administration. It is the country and it's citizens who should make the response by telling Carter to just stay home and be quiet.

Carter blundered through only 4 years in the White House. Every man who has held that high office has made mistakes. Some mistakes regretfully cost them their lives. Others were just "media mistakes" that cost them, period. After all these years Carter is still blundering through. Must be like peanuts. Once you've had one, it's impossible to stop.

I was disappointed in Carter's presidency, yes. But I wrote no articles or made remarks that he was a coward, a socialist or ought to be impeached. I should be the last person on earth to remind Mr. Carter to think before he speaks or to be careful with whom he speaks. He should be the last person on this earth to castigate his country and its allies and its policies.

And I tell you quite frankly I would NEVER make statements such as have been attributed to Carter last year regarding the freedoms of this country and it's respect and adherence to international treaties and human rights. Show me another country with such a record and more freedoms?

I can provide the ex-president with an explanation of what real terrorism is. It is not "harsh political techniques" as reported by the New York Times. And you can bet if something makes it to the New York Times, it's either untrue or just been made up or taken out of context or stolen from others.

Georgia is lovely in the spring, Mr. ex-democrat President Carter. Why not go home. Grow more peanuts. Or peaches. Rock in your front porch chair. Teach others about free elections, and about the democracy you've enjoyed all your life. And how rich and fruitful that life has been. Don't embarrass us further by publicly calling our country names, deriding our ally Israel and obstructing the efforts President Bush has made for peace in the area.

Carter is entitled to his own personal opinions and to dance with those whom he pleases. When you provide them to the mainstream media in this country those opinions belong to us all.

Jack L. Key is a Tennessean, published author and writer and a veteran of U.S. Navy aviation. He may be reached at

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Jack L. Key
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