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J. Grant Swank
When the World Doesn't Think 'Christian'
By J. Grant Swank Jr.
Oct 1, 2011 - 12:20:42 AM

Sometimes believers become really bent out of shape when the prevailing culture is anti-Christian, or does not seem to "get it" when it comes to Christian concepts.

Sometimes Christians can become especially discouraged when lawmakers and community leaders, along with national spokespersons and even some religious "name" persons, do not line up with biblical truths.

There can be the ringing of the hands and the pout sessions in our backrooms, even prayers whining to heaven as to why this person or that organization is not behaving "Christian."

The bottom line is that unless a human being is truly a Christian, he or she cannot think "Christian"--nor consistently act "Christian." Furthermore, non-Christians will not adopt consistent Christian values by which to live out their days.

Jesus warned His own that they would be hated. "If they hate Me, they will hate you." Therefore, no surprise when we are despised and forsaken by the prevailing culture. No surprise when unbelievers are out to get us, to shred us, to do us in. No surprise.

The Bible also informs us that the unspiritual cannot think "spiritual", that is, those not under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit cannot come upon the mind of Christ. Those outside the mind of Christ are really under the mind of satan, for there is no middle turf.

Therefore, when unbelieving senators and representatives, unbelieving mayors and governors, unbelieving religious persons, unbelieving this-and-that stalk their prowess, they are going to act and think like unbelievers--plain and simple.

Consequently, with the above as a given, the believers should prepare themselves for a lot of warfare, or at least be prepared not to be discouraged when a spiritually fallen world does not "get our moral point" on one issue or another.

Do you not recall how spiritually blind (and spiritually stupid) you were before coming to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Your Christian friends tried to get you think or act a Christian way and you promptly told them to mind their own business.

Now you are under the supervision of the mind of Christ, therefore you are changed in your thinking and behavior. The change came about by a conversion experience with Jesus Christ.

Consequently, unless your senators, representatives, mayors, governors, school board, local school superintendent, newspaper editor, public school teacher and all others come into the same conversion experience with Jesus Christ, you may as well expect the world to act like the worldlings they are.

Therefore prepare for blank looks, lots of battle lines being drawn, some bloodletting, many days when the world will not make much sense, good-but-unbelieving neighbors not getting your point, then do what you can to get souls converted to Jesus Christ. Then, and only then, will you begin to see the change you hope for in the culture.

Yet even then, this world will never become heaven. So live with that. And be thankful to God that at least you, for one, have come upon the biblical truth of salvation.

Now go forth to think and act Christian. . .but don't be surprised (nor rattled) when the road gets a bit lonely. Remember: Jesus IS with you; finally, that is all that matters.

J. Grant Swank Jr.

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