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J. Grant Swank
By J. Grant Swank Jr.
Oct 21, 2011 - 12:45:50 AM

". . .Himself He cannot save." Mark l5:3l

The world does not understand salvation.

Salvation to the worldling is success. He has saved himself from poverty. He has saved himself from ignorance and social disgrace. He has saved himself from being a fool.

Salvation to the saved is having been recognized as a sinner in need of grace.

Therefore, when the deriders looked upon Jesus strapped down, they concluded that He could not bring about His own rescue. He had made all sorts of claims as a young adult itinerant preacher when free to the spring breezes; but now that the system had spiked Him, He proved Himself to be helpless.

As long as this Nazareth rabbi could simply meander about meadows with a few loose chums, He was all right. He could pontificate till His heart's content. He could even draw massive crowds who were into mass hypnosis. And fish and bread.

But when it came to this same personage being tied up, He had nowhere to go but to the mercy of Rome and a powerful temple crew.

That was the picture of salvation to those crying in His ears.

That is how lost the human mind is when divorced from heavenly wisdom. The worldly mindset just does not get it at all. That is what is so utterly frustrating to those who seek dialog with the unsaved. It is like talking to a person into another language. They just don't hear what you have to say, nor do they understand your concepts.

No wonder Jesus appealed to those with ears to hear. He knew that many about Him had ears on their heads but they had no hearing in their soul ears. Likewise when He asked for His listeners to open their eyes. There were humans all about Him with two eyes in their heads, but they could not see with their soul eyes.

So it is with you when you talk about salvation, God, gospel, Jesus, the cross. There are many who wag their heads and walk away; you have lost it. You just don't know where salvation really is--success. Therefore, these worldly wise will leave you to your dumb fate, glad that they are smarter than you.

Salvation is not what the taunters made it out to be. Salvation was before their very eyes; but they could not see Him. Therefore, He remained just where He was strapped--to the cross. In that, He saved repentant mankind.

The very act which the unbelievers concluded was His failure was in fact our salvation. How interesting; the very situation which bled forth grace was that which was concluded to be utter loss.

Salvation is of God. It cannot be manufactured by religion nor human antics. It does not fit the world's definition. Therefore, leave salvation with God's formation, bow to it, know Him as Redeemer, and come into the glorious wisdom which is from above.

J. Grant Swank Jr.

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