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J. Grant Swank
Obama Hysteria Right to the White House
By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Feb 13, 2008 - 10:25:40 AM

"With Obama surging after a series of key wins last week, supporters eager for a chance to see him in the flesh braved freezing temperatures and filed politely into a near interminable line that stretched all the way across campus.

"When Obama addressed the crowd of 16 000 on the eve of primaries which he is tipped to win in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, he carried himself with his habitual worldly confidence, interspersed talk of foreign policy with recollections of his childhood and even poked political fun at his Republican adversaries.

Personally I hope that Barack Obama wins over Hillary Clinton. There are many reasons for that hope, probably the top reason being that she is an immoral relativist opportunist fraudulent supporter of evil such as murdering unborn babies and sodomy. So there. But there are other reasons, including the easy chance Republicans have of slam dunking Slogan Boy once he gets the Dem fools' nod.

Forget issues. He's the man who wraps up JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mandela - for blacks and whites, particularly women and children - and the young who can vote. Mob hysteria - mob psychology - could win the November ballot for Barack Obama. There is no doubt about it. It can sweep across the nation, grow and grow and grow, until talking about the nation's pressing matters will fly out the window.

That young twerp has nothing to him but slogans. Obviously he has audiences who are thirsting for nothing but flimflam; otherwise, Obama's groupies would not wow him as they do. They howl. They weep. The clutch. After all, they're not constituents. They're groupies caught up in Obamamania. And for those who know what group psychology can do, there is no question that that kind of phenomenon can carry on for a long, long time - sometimes decades. To a logical mortal it is downright frightening as well as shivering to listen to the string of tin-pan-alley slogans Obama can sling in a twenty-minute speech. "Change." "Unite." And so forth.

"I understand your problems. I know where you are. I know what it's like. And we're going to make a CHANGE about all this in Washington. We're going to UNITE America"  he says, but all the while The Boy has no idea how he's going to produce the rabbit out of the hat. But the trick is promised. And the fools go for it.

But it's not only the empty cliches. It's his cadence. He mesmerizes his listeners as a drug dealer wraps up a sale. Now that's truly scary. It's all smoke and mirrors, folks. It's all senior high school president oratory in hopes of winning the election down the hall. That's it. He's got the music entree, then there's the tilt to the head, the cadence in his speech, the compassion in his face, the slick lean body, the shiny white teeth, the sympathy in his voice and the assurance in his cliches.  But all he's got is a bag of tricks - snappy words like "Change" and "Unite." That's it. He's a politico magician with a bag of tricks.

Obama has NO experience qualifying him to govern America from the Oval Office. None. He whips out phrases attached to issues as if his magic wand will produce issues miracles. His listeners actually believe his Messianic prophesies. They have no doubt that Slogan Boy can move beyond cliches. He built his campaign on verbalization - tricks with words. Tricks. That what he's all about. He really is a politico magician.

So from here on out we logical citizens are going to have to sit alongside the holler crew and just observe for no one can stop a mania craze. It's there. It's not going to go away. It's emotion, not reason. And it feels good for those waving their arms and screaming their lungs out.  The hope for the realists is that there are enough voters in America who are not given to Obamamania. If the realists are outnumbered by the groupies, Obama lands in the Oval Office. If the realists outnumber the groupies, then someone else gets into the White House. This election is going to be more about emotion than logic. Of course, that is horrific for the nation's health. Issues and integrity should have some reasonable leverage. But they just may not. It may be an emotion-based vote cast - and, God forbid, win.

What can Republicans do? They can stay with the issues and present them from a moralist base, praying that God will honor an ethical run for Pennsylvania Avenue.  The Republicans can hope and work for the logical who believe in what is right for America. Republicans can vote, not stay home because of some gripe. Republicans can cast their ballots for the person who stands for what makes ethical sense.

American needs far more than a smart mouth with rabbit in hat. Yet that's what the Dems are falling for. Then let Obama be the Dem win. The Republican candidates, no matter McCain or Huckabee have substance. One of the commentators predicted that the Obama venture is all style rather than substance. She got it straight. Style rather than substance. Republicans are substance as well as style. But substance carries the heavier weight - every time. It truly won't take much to blow away the Slogan Boy. No hammer. No baseball bat. Just a puff of Republican sensible will do it.

In the meantime, the hysteria will carry him as far as the Dems conclave. You can bet on it.  It's going to end up to be an emotion-driven Dem campaign. It had better be a moral-based sensible campaign for the Republicans. Then you had better pray that the reasonable voters outnumber the feel-good Obamamaniacs.

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

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