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J. Grant Swank
'Liar' Loud vs. Muslim Obama
By J Grant Swank Jr.
Apr 14, 2013 - 12:10:23 AM

First published September 2009.

Barack Hussein Obama was stunned in delivering his speech before Congress. When he promised that illegal aliens would not get a penny of his healthcare, someone cried out loudly "Liar."

Everyone heard the word. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden looked stunned. Pelosi turned to Biden. Biden lowered his head. Pelosi then scanned to her left trying to decipher who yelped the key term.

The Associated Press reported the interruption but did not mention the identity of the town crier.

I know who that was who gave forth. It was the patriot who represents every American who knows the truth. Obama is indeed a liar.

He is so for he is Marxist Muslim. Allah permits Muslims to lie in order to further Islam World Rule. It is a virtue to lie. It makes points for the hereafter. It makes Allah's heart happy.

Obama is surrounded by "czar" liars. He was mentored by Jeremiah Wright liar. He was tutored by liar Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam mouthpiece.

What can be expected by an individual who will not produce his actual birth certificate, for instance, when there is such a clamor for just that document. Scores believe he lies when stating he was born in the U.S. Then show us the certificate, Obama. He refuses. Why? Because Obama lies.

A left-of-left Congressman, more leftist than Ted Kennedy, Obama has survived in liberalism's colony by lying.

He claims to be Christian, for example, while tramping all over biblical ethics. One cannot be a Christian while applauding abortion. One cannot be a Christian while sanctioning sodomy.

Further, Obama as "Christian" does not know his Bible when telling inquirers during the presidential campaign to read the Sermon on the Mount to find out what Christ said about endorsing homosexual lifestyles. There is nothing whatsoever in Matthew 5-7 that refers to homosexuality.

Obama played "Christian" during the campaign by sponsoring gospel concerts in the Bible belt. Obama is Muslim; there is no way he agrees with the redemption message sung at those testimonial festivities.

Obama lies. He is not Christian.

He is a liberal church member who uses that to disguise his Muslim loyalty. That loyalty was exhibited in his recent Ramadan dinner hosted in the White House. At that event he praised US Muslims for their contribution to our democracy. In truth, American Muslims are not known for their astounding contributions to our Christian-based freedoms.

Yes, "liar" is an appropriate word to slam against Obama during his address to Congress.

Slowly the grassroots is getting hold of this dangerous charlatan who in actuality works night and day to destroy our Republic, just as any powerful liar in political office would do.

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J. Grant Swank Jr.

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