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J. Grant Swank
God's Strength is Real
By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Jan 22, 2012 - 4:17:44 AM

There are those times. What does the Christian then do?

First, she checks in with the moment. Is this moment given over to God? If not, make it so. If so, then thank God that you are still alive and sane in this moment.

Second, realize that the God who brought you to this Red Sea coastline is the same God who will part the waters in His time and His way.

Third, put on faith blinders. Do not try to figure out what is going on around you. Do not try to press human logic against circumstances. Do not attempt to move into the future for you simply cannot get there now.

Fourth, what enemies are there standing in your way? Do they come into your head in the middle of the night? Know that when they stand there in your mind, your actual enemies are at their homes not knowing that you are being bothered by them. Therefore, YOU are distressed in the moment, but they are not.

Therefore, surrender your enemies to God. As soon as you do that, pray for them. As soon as you pray for them, the power of the devil to taunt you is cut through.

When they come back into your head, surrender them again, pray for them again. Satanic powers cannot stand you doing that; therefore, you foil the imps who try do in your nerves when you submit those foes to God.

Fifth, refuse to listen to grousers. Do not give them any power over your head or heart. Instead, as soon as they start to gossip about somebody else, or complain or pout or deride, just say kindly: "I want to keep my faith line open to God; therefore, I don't want to think nor talk like that. Let's give praise to God that our lives are kept in His love."

Sixth, spread cheer. Love people, especially strangers at the store, bank, post office and service station. Smile at those you meet. Catch yourself laughing with somebody about an incident that can be shared for goodwill. Get out of your rut by getting with some children; romp with them, laugh with them, give them each a small gift.

Seventh, remind yourself to "forget those things that are past," as Paul wrote. That is, discount debris that is long gone. You cannot rearrange those past moments except to put them all under the precious blood of Jesus for cleansing. Do that; then move on.

Eighth, remind yourself that one hundred years from today you will not be here. Even those hurts of five years ago are blurred in your head. Those injustices of ten years ago involve persons whose names you can hardly recall. The same will occur within the gift of future time. So don't take present burdens that seriously.

Ninth, start talking things over with Jesus more often. Quit making fancy prayers; talk street language with Jesus so that you yourself start believing your own prayers. Then listen. Hear what He has to say back to you, then act on it and be blessed in knowing that you are not your own. You belong to Jesus; therefore, the greater Power is really in control of your dedicated destiny.

Tenth, cry, if you have to. Cry a lot. Then cry some more. Quit trying to be the giant nerves that think you have to be. Get alone with Jesus in the Gethsemane Garden and cry and cry and cry some more. Then let Jesus smile upon your tears, healing you from top to toe. He will do just that for Jesus loves you more than you will ever know.

J. Grant Swank Jr.

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