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J. Grant Swank
America's True Patriotism is God-Based
By J. Grank Swank Jr.
Jan 19, 2012 - 12:16:56 AM

Genuine allegiance to this nation has to be based on a biblical conviction. That is the loyalty that has enlivened Americans since the start.

Belief in the biblical God has brought to the country's fore the most committed citizenry known to the planet. It is that faith base that provides the oil for the nation's machinery. Generation after generation has willingly prayed for this nation, sacrificed for its existence, and treasured its freedoms.

Those prayers continue from the souls of both old and young. This is not a "graying nation," that is, a Republic supported chiefly by the older persons. There are countless numbers of young Americans who believe in God, pray for the United States and believe that its destiny is governed by a divine wisdom and mercy.

True patriotism is not atheism based. It is not buttressed with a secular agnosticism. True patriotism that lasts and goes deeply to the heart has its endurable foundation when resting on trust in the God of all history.

Atheism believes there is nothing but the material. Therefore, how can such "faith" sustain a penetrating patriotism toward America? A matter-based philosophy is fundamentally a self-centered existence; therefore, though it may mouth patriotism, it is only patriotic when serving the self's existence.

Agnosticism has no base certainty therefore it is just as bankrupt regarding genuine patriotism as atheism.

The biblical believer as citizen of this remarkable country yearns daily for a God-fearing populace. That believer intercedes for this nation, its leaders, its future. That believer researches Scripture for divine wisdom in how to better serve America.

Numberless organizations and committees are now operating for the good of America's citizens solely on the drive of a biblical faith. How many do-gooder conclaves reach out daily to the needy, homeless, hungry and forsaken because of serving the God of Scripture? They compose a commendable list.

What is so encouraging is that all of this dates back to our founding patriots. They read the Bible. They prayed to the Lord of the Word. They worshiped that God. They taught their children the precepts of that Word. They molded the laws and institutions of America on the biblical ethic. They dreamed of this country's future years being blessed by the God of holy writ.

What a heritage the present-day patriot has. What a treasure we have alongside us to counsel our decisions in this complicated time.

Yes, America's true patriotism is God-based for it is totally reliant on His provisions for our liberties to continue.

J. Grant Swank Jr.

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