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The Shamrak Report
By Stevan Shamrak
Nov 22, 2015 - 12:47:49 AM

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The Shamrak Report produced by Steven Shamrak presents the Jewish point of view on the Arab-Israel conflict to motivate people to support the Jewish National independence movement, Zionism! You may use articles and letters on your website, FaceBook etc.(Comments in italics are made by Steven Shamrak)

World War Three - Failure to Identify Enemy!
by Ron Ben-Yishai

(No war can be won if an enemy is not clearly identified! The root of the problem is not just a few 'misguided' radical Islamists, but Iran and Saudi Arabia.)

It is about the world domination of Islam!

The Paris attack is directly tied to events in Syria and Iraq; this was not an intelligence failure but rather the failure of the West to see itself as in a total war vs. radical Islam.

It is time that we came to the realization: we are in the midst of World War III. This is a war between jihadist Islam and Western civilization; a war between radical Islam and all those who refuse to surrender to its values and political demands...

This war will be conducted on the Mediterranean Sea as well as in the air with combat aircraft bombarding concentrations of ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters across Asia and Africa and security measures taken at airports and passenger aircraft worldwide. This is what the third world war will look like, which Israel has been a part of for a while by now. (Israel has never been appreciated for its contribution by international anti-Semites. They love Arab/Muslim countries and the PA terrorists because they also hate Jews!)


More than 120 people were killed and many more were wounded in Paris late Friday night in a string of simultaneous attacks perpetrated by eight Muslim terrorists, most of whom were residents of Europe!

Bloody October: 11 killed in 609 attacks

Shin Bet published statistics: Ten Israelis and one foreign citizen paid with their lives, while 80 were injured. (Jews in Israel are daily attacked by the same enemies, nobody cares! Only the removal of the enemy population from Jewish land will stop this idiocy!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Through history 'strange' newcomers have been discriminated against by locals at their new residence of choice. Jews have been subjected to anti-Semitism since the time of the Roman Empire! Chinese, Indians and Vietnamese are still treated as 'aliens' in many parts of Europe, the US and Australia! Only the so-called "disenfranchised" Muslim communities have responded murderously to this common human behavior, by being infested with hateful Islamist terrorist ideology - not just in their home states, but also in the countries they have chosen to move in. So, who is the villain?

States Solution - but not on Jewish Land!

Netanyahu assured Obama that Israel has not given up on peace, saying that he still wishes to see "two states for two peoples, a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes a Jewish state." Following a key meeting between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House admitted that it was unlikely that Peace deal, or even talks, unlikely in coming year. (The Sinai Option is still the best two-state solution!)

Children-Terrorists -- Another Ugly Side of the PA

Two young Arab boys, aged just 12 and 13, stabbed and seriously wounded a Jewish security guard at the light rail station in Jerusalem's northern Pisgat Ze'ev neighbourhood. (The world is silent about anti-Jewish hateful terrorist propaganda, conducted in PA schools and by TV children's programs, which are actually sponsored by the UN and international anti-Semites!)

Rarely Recognised Israeli Contribution

Israeli intelligence intercepts were reportedly being used by American and British intelligence agencies in order to assess the fate of the Russian jetliner that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel provided intercepted communications between Islamic State terrorists about the crash. The Egyptian team investigating the crash told Reuters on Sunday they were "90 percent sure" the noise heard in the final second of a cockpit recording was an explosion caused by a bomb.

'Security Concerns' is anti-Semitism!

A 300-strong Jewish community in northern Sweden was not invited to a Kristallnacht commemoration, a large-scale pogrom in 1938 against Austrian and German Jews, with the organizers citing "security concerns." Community members believe it is because the event is intended to focus on Muslim refugees and not on the Holocaust. (That's how British cleared trans-Jordan of Jews and gave it to Arabs in 1922!)

Israel Must Learn from Enemies How to Stand Up to the UN!

The UN's Ban called for negotiations in the coming months to finally settle the Western Sahara dispute, but Morocco's king insists that there will be no compromise on the kingdom's claim to sovereignty over the Western Sahara, vowing that he will offer no more than autonomy to end the four-decade deadlock over the region. However, the Algeria-backed Polisario Front seeks independence. (No 'special' labeling of goods from the Western Sahara!)

All Jews are out of Syria

Israeli special forces rescued the last remaining Jews from Syria. Jews have now been evacuated by a very secret operation in Halav (Aleppo), and there are no more Jews living in Syria. This has brought the end of over 3000 years of Jewish existence in Syria.

Nuclear Deal is Already Violated

Mahan Air, one of Iran's largest domestic and international carriers, purchased the UK-made aircraft specifically for use in ferrying Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops to and from Syria, where they and other Iranian-sponsored militias are propping up the embattled Assad regime.

Quote of the Week:

"But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then shall those that ye let remain of them be as thorns in your eyes, and as pricks in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land wherein ye dwell." -- The Torah, Numbers Chapter 33, 55. -- Jews, Christians and even Muslims need seriously re-examine their holy books to understand the rights of Jewish people to Eretz-Israel!

Contiguous Two-State Deception!
by Steven Shamrak (first published in July 2011)

In a major speech at the State Department, President Obama, addressed the 'democratic' revolution in the Middle East and North Africa and predictably Israel became the main point of attention again. Obama, like many of his predecessors (Carter, both presidents Bush, Clinton) has made another attempt to resurrect the peace process between Israel and the so-called Palestinians.

During his recent speech, addressing the Middle-East North African issues, President Obama stated: "The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps"

Even before the speech, Obama knew that it is not an acceptable proposition to both sides, Israel and PA. Israel had suffered much from Arab aggression, before it was able to free some of Jewish land from Arab occupation in 1967. To return to 1967 borders would end the hope of the Jewish people to reunify Eretz-Israel and will put Israel in existential danger again. The PA has just been pretending that it is considering the idea of peace (a tactical deception to advance Israel's destruction), as it was clearly outlined in the "Stage plan"! A few days later Obama reverted to the guarantee President Bush gave Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2004, but humiliation and political damage to Israel had already been done. "Shoot first, clarify later" is a commonly used tactic of political assault on Israel!

''There was nothing particularly original in my proposal,'' Obama admitted later during his presentation to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The idea of land swaps was proposed several times before, including by President George W. Bush, but more diplomatically, and was vigorously rejected by the PA. Knowing that, Obama had still felt compelled to publicly humiliate Israel again by this unacceptable idea of swapping Jewish land for Jewish land in order to accommodate the creation of another Arab-terror state.

During the years of fruitless negotiations the same idea was put on the table even by Israel several times. It was instantly squashed and rejected by PA leadership. The only reason why Obama has mentioned the "land swap" is to pretend that there is a ground for negotiation to make progress in the fake peace process. Fostering the illusion of the peace process is the surest way to continue the conflict. This is the true aim of the multifaceted game! This is consistent with the history of US involvement in Arab-Israel conflict and all players have been playing this game quite well.

In his speech Obama said "The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state."

What map had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not a friend of Israel, shown to him? Where did he see "contiguous" land - connection between Gaza and Judea/Samaria (West Bank)? Is he planning to cut Israel a half? Is it OK for Israel to be non-contiguous?

Fatah, Hamas and their masters will never recognise Israel - so forget about Israel as the "Jewish state"! They made it clear many times before. The PA blatantly ignores the major Oslo Accords' requirements for recognition of Israel, stopping terror attacks and anti-Israel incitement.

A few years ago 8,500 Jews were forcefully removed from Gaza. There are almost 500,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria. The PA is planning to create another Islam dominated state without Jews! Why is the transfer of Jews from their ancestral land, in order to accommodate bogus claims of the terror supporting population, satisfactory to the international community? And why is it not considered a violation of the 4th Geneva Convention? In contrast, why is the transfer of the fake Palestinians to Sinai, a vast contagious land with very low population and various resources, not acceptable? This is the hypocrisy of fake international law, perpetuated by international anti-Semites!

Why must the state of this fake nation, which was forged in order to destroy Israel, be created on Jewish land? International anti-Semites have already displaced and committed numerous genocides and crimes against Jews in Britain, Spain and other places in Europe. Now they are assisting Arabs to finish their dirty work in the Jewish homeland!

Obama has also suggested putting aside negotiations about Jerusalem and so-called Palestinian refugee's future. Recognition of Israel was 'put aside'! Ending terror attacks again on Israel was 'put aside'! Establishing a democratic government in PA is not a priority! Has this 'genius' negotiating tactic ever brought peace to Israel?

Why can't we talk about fake Palestinian refugees now? During the War of Independence, which Arabs had instigated, some 460,000 people, currently known as Palestinians, left the conflict zone following orders from their leaders. Their numbers had doubled immediately following that the UN announcement for aid available to them. Several generations of professional refugees have been created as a result.

Since then, close to 850,000 Jews have been forced to leave Muslim countries. Hypocrisy must be exposed! Facts are available if someone wants to find and learn them. Jew-haters and self-hating Jews do not want to know or just purposely disregard them! The Arab-Israel peace process is a deception!

It is designed to prevent Israel from reclaiming Jewish land and establishing the sovereign Jewish state, Eretz-Israel. Western countries have been using instability in the Middle East in order to control the oil supply from Islamic states. At the same time major Islamic ideological powers and organisations (Shi'ia Iran, Wahabi Saudi Arabia, Muslim brotherhood) are using the Arab-Israel conflict to divert attention from themselves and their true Islamic agenda - global world domination of Islam. That is why they created the fake Palestinian nation in 1964. Termination of Israel is just the first step in the holy war against all "infidels"!

There is a peculiar symbiotic relationship between two adversaries. United by their hate for Jews, traditional anti-Semites of the West and Russia have become, by inaction or direct support, the allies with their own mortal enemies - Islamists! Only recently they have begun, although reluctantly, to fight ISIS!

You can help keep this publication (The Shamrak Report) running with a small (AUD$10, AUD$18, AUD $36 Donation.

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The Sinai Option: Road to Permanent Peace!

The Shamrak Report brought to you by Steven Shamrak

NOTE: Term Palestinians is used as a commonly known definition, not as acceptance of the existence of a fake nation, which was created by Arab states, with the help of the Soviet Union, in 1960s in order to discredit and undermine legitimacy, and eventually destroy the Jewish state!

The aim of this independent editorial (The Shamrak Report) is to present the Jewish point of view on the Arab-Israel conflict and motivate people to support ideals and inspirations of true Zionism, the Jewish National independence movement. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by any government or political party.

© Copyright 2002-2014 by Magic City Morning Star

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